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In Times of Need

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Difficulty: Titan
Number of episodes: 8+1
Hello o/,

welcome to my second Adventure. This one is called "In Times of Need" and it's all about using the Gods's blessing to your advantage, even if you end up angering them. It has 8 Parent Episodes and 1 Colony and while the Gameplay should be fun and at times tricky, the story was really my focus this time, with a story with about 5400 Words put into it. I really hope you enjoy both the Map and Story that's attached to it.

In terms of difficulty it should be a bit challenging but nothing too major. Money will be the issue early on as your only source of income will be wood.

I tested this on Olympian and there were times where I ran out of Food or Money so I hope you will find a challenge here as well.


More? Yes More would be nice. More Fleece. More Olive Oil, More Sculptures. More Wine. More Room. Just more you know? The Gods could give me more but they are too self absorbed to actually make a difference, unless we make them.

I hope you will enjoy this adventure. I really enjoyed reading your reviews for my last one, in fact that's why I even made this one. I suddenly got motivated to start another Adventure while I read through a review. So please keep them coming! Thanks for your Feedback!
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Beautiful island map, and I love the title you chose.
Map Design5.0
I'm going to ramble about this adventure instead of writing out supporting paragraphs for each rating because it was just. that. good.

This was one of the most well-written campaigns I've ever played in this game, full stop. A legitimately well-written story with believable and convincing plot points, with a creative and challenging motif that had me looking forward to how each problem would be solved through the clever strategem of exploiting the gods' vanity.

The map was small and required actually careful city planning to get everything on there, but at the same time, provided me with the tools I needed to succeed through trade and careful construction. Fitting in the elite housing AND a sanctuary AND another supporting housing loop or two AND the economy necessary to keep all that going was a perfect challenge.

Balance-wise, the military invasions were a little too easy, mostly because they were predictable (assuming you don't save-scum prior to attacks). That being said, my designated sanctuary spot was west-south-west of the tree-covered mountain and my export and storage area was right at the entrance from the island, so Ares' invasions HURT. Economically, it was just the right amount of challenge; I was out of the danger zone by the start of the second or third mission, and comfortably wealthy.

Seriously, I'd give you a 10/10 on creativity and story/instructions if I could.

Critiques and suggestions, if you wanted to make it more challenging:

-increase the military strength of the invading cities by a bit (2 shields for the first few missions are fine, but a little more punch in the middle would be good; you could drop it back to 2-3 shields at the penultimate episode to make them conquerable by the limited forces you can make).

-I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of cliff errors; might just go rotate your way around the compass and see if they jump out at you.

-Add an optional sea invasion point with a couple of landing positions (I suggest the mountain swamp area and the western bay near the dragon mountains).

-Slap an "Ares Invades" event in (maybe for every 8-15 years or so) after you're a few missions in as a 'the gods have asked him to personally mess you up for destroying their temples' kinda thing (the mission where he drops a second dragon would be a good spot to start; "My dragon doesn't seem to be doing enough; I'm going to personally mess you up").

-Decrease the amount of bronze that your colony gives you; 16 is a nutty amount, especially if you've already stockpiled sculptures from having Hephaestus' sanctuary. I'd have been happy with 8/year, especially since you can still buy it from them.

Please don't take the above list as being critical of your piece. Like I said, it was on level with the published adventures, and the above suggestions are simply there because the story was so good that the tiny little things (like what I've listed above) seem larger by comparison to the quality of the thing overall.

For anyone else who's gotten through this ramble, congratulations, but stop delaying and download this gem of a campaign!
Map Design5.0
Some spoilers ahead.

Playability: 5
Moderate on Hero level, I'd imagine on Olympian would be a lot tougher. No bugs, the gameplay was smooth. An excellent adventure with real focus on city planning, less on military.

Balance: 4
This adventure brought a new level to city management. Early episodes were somewhat tough if without a proper plan. Starting up the layout, we really needed to be prudent with spaces, to stay simple whenever possible. The city would survive just on exports, enough to pay for bribes and limited imports if necessary. True to the story, once made available taxation was really broken, which made the late game somewhat easy. Money wasn't a huge issue unless the city required major revamps constantly.

Creativity: 5
I liked that the adventure was designed as fast-paced yet not too hectic. Brilliant idea that tie-in to the story, it justifies "tearing-down" each built sanctuary so each god would have their very own moment to showcase their stuff, and city's layout would need to adapt accordingly too. A very smart creation.

Map Design: 5
Compact but fair. Some tight spaces to maneuver, and each space around the map ultimately counts. Though the cliff doesn't seem to serve any real purpose aside from few trees. My city did end up using almost 95% of the land. That Zeus sanctuary at the end, what a sight.

Story/Instructions: 5
"More is good", which the story doesn't need much more because it was really well-written. There were helpful tips for each episodes too, what more could we ask for? lol

Additional Comments:
Simply superb. Can't find enough superlatives to describe this gem, NotDonne's provided a nice review and summed up most selling points, I'll piggyback some afterthoughts for the players:

-As the author suggested in-game, avoid reading the helpful corner (and these comments lol) if you'd like a blind challenge.

-Trees were really important throughout the episodes, handle with care and best not to remove any.
-Keep an eye on priests who snatch the sheeps/goats, they'd deplete soon enough and couldn't be replaced w/o meadow. Once a sanctuary was completed, best to move on to the next episode quickly, and remove the sanctuary before the priests reach the little ones.
-In Athena's episode, grapes and olives were made available. Before going for Athena, it'd really worthwhile to consider rebuild Demeter just for these.
-For those who needed space, Jason's requirement (4 elite houses, 2 ranches, and 3 triremes) would suffice for military needs - at least on Hero or lower.
-I agree foreign military could use some variety and buff (ie. higher bribe amount). If managed well most stuffs, especially bronze and their products will never run-out, be it from self-produced, imports or raids.
-For some reason I didn't get any Ares invasions throughout, and only 1 or 2 Poseidon invasions AFTER I rushed for Zeus. Don't dally around and to end each episodes fast probably helped I guess - w/o Zeus I would't imagine the horror Ares could do on such a compact city.

Overall a really impressive adventure. Definitely recommended. Thanks Acas!
Map Design5.0
love the map and the challenge it creates. it really limits your city and you cannot just build freely. i had to restart the whole adventure 3 times just so i could build my city correct and not spread things out. great story and was a decent challenge. i feel this is a Goldie locks story, not to challenging but not to easy it is just right. Also A++ for the story telling
Map Design2.0
After a few years break I decided to try it out, once again, but even though I didnt play it like for 10years or so I could still remember original maps - so I wanted something new, and fresh - so here I was, looking for new map - 5 star, new one, lets try it out, right? - Overall I wanted posseidon map - this was greek, but no big deal, another thing, whole map had vibe of something pure artificial - someone made in 5mins - like one place for bronze, one place for wood, one place for farms, and everything else was flat land with two small "hills" in it... so it felt off right from the start - so unrealistic. Anyways I tried it on hardest settings - and I wouldnt call it challange - more like - unreasonable tasking, more details in balance, I guess.)

Playability: 2

Balance: 2
(next time please try to do some math before finishing it. Example to explain what I mean:

ACTI: all income came from export of 48wood/12fish - I ignored fishes as its too much logistic hassle for 400/year - so total income 48x75=3600. Wages end of act I were something like 1800. You requested 7000 in treasury - that itself is almost 5years of income - not to mention need of buying fleece just to hit that pop cap 2500. That pop was total overkill btw - I had everything that was needed covered by pop 1500 already with 10-15% unemployment, so getting 2500 was like why I should have it? Its going to help me in next stage? Sadly, answer was no, I destroyed fleece markets right a way, once I started ACTII as it was wasting my limited income for no real reason as there was nothing to use extra labbor for

Balance in ACT II was even worse.
1. You asked to build demeter sanctuary
2. 24fleece/year

and in order to get fleece you had to finish sanctuary - so until player do that, he can just watch - and to be honest from my point of view it was way too long period of doing nothing. To explain: sanctuary costs - 130-ish marble, meanwhile only source of marble was import 12 per year - so 11 years of waiting by your design - epic - not to mention total value of that temple is 17 000-sih, with pure income of 1800 per year player can barely spend any money on anything else - as all income is needed to cover its cost - not like there was anything else to build - I run it on max speed to be honest - another thing you decided to make it "harder" by putting there couple of requests from other towns, more spec for fleece - thing player can only import 12/year as sanctuary that opens another option is logicaly in proggress - and 1st request comes 1st year in act II, with 3 months delay, so not something I would called realistic request as there is no way player can fufill it without having knowledge what is going to "happen" - so for me it was annyoing more than anything else. Not to mention once I had all of it 24fleece / year, I could jump to next act - just to find out everything I built there is going to be for nothing - there was absolutly no need for 24fleece/year as there wasnt any way to export / any real usage for it - as guy asking for it was at war with me already anyways... and demand of my town could cover import without any issues

ACT III - task - build another sanctuary - but hard cap set only 1 sanctuary at the time - so all that waiting from ACT II - total waste of time - and now you ask player to build new sanctuary (more wainting due 12marble/year limitation) just to get 6sco/year - things player has once again no use for - so to be honest after I finished act III I decided to end my suffering - by hitting end button - as I figured every act is going to the same - with general idea behind it, build sanctuary to get some recs going - and move on to next act until you hit zeus)

Creativity: 2
(creativity really, I dont think there was anything special to talk about - as I said you created unreasonable tasks to fill players time without any meaning in it. I would even dare to say, you missed point of what fun part in this game is)

Map Design: 2
(Sure, it limits players options to build but... thats about it. Map is flat land, without much thoughts in it. Like separation early on with lava, just to cut out player from bronze/fertile soil and dragon roaming the land - "forrest" on other side, and a few rocks to create some sort of feeling that its not entirely flat desk floating on water)

Story/Instructions: 2

Additional Comments:
So as I said, long story short, next time please try to do math - waiting 10 years for something to finish, when you cant do anything else - isnt fun. The same for milestones - those should be hints to lead player from act I to final act... not just things players should waste time on for no real reasons. Somehow, I missed how someone could rank this one with 5stars... thats also main reason why I decided to write this "review" even though I wasnt able to finish it - in order to prevent other players to jump in, with the same expectation I had...

So my tips for next maps:

1. do math, not just import/export/need to fufill your tasks, but also overall income/expenditure by end of every ACT - to create balanced map. You can always add more options as story progress futher...
2. leave those tasks x item per year for colonies or if you want prepare player for some requests from other towns
3. look at real map, how it looks like, to get some inspiration to create somehow natural looking map
4. dont give players milestone, in early act to build High-end sactuary that needs 100 marble... without any previous hints/option to stockpile -without any prep. Do it like act I get pop/cash needed for next step to cut waiting time -> act II, get wood/bronze/marble -> act III, build sactuary + do something in meantime (quest/recs for colony or anything else) - as sactuary takes time to get built

[Edited on 07/14/20 @ 06:09 PM]

File Author

First of let me tell you sorry that you didn't enjoy the map, and while I would normally not respond to criticism like that i feel the need to address some points in your review. I will follow your structure and say something to each point made:


So you haven't played for "like 10years" then either tried the old maps and decided it was too boring cause you know what happens or you didn't feel like going back. I would then say maybe try out more than one map on the website before writing a bad review on it. Maybe the standard isn't as high as you imagined or maybe, just maybe, the Game isn't exactly as your nostalgic mind remembers.
"I wanted a Poseidon map, but it was Greek" - What can I say except "Sorry I guess?" I cannot upload this in the Zeus Section because it uses Atlantis Assets and can only be played through Atlantis.
I can tell you that the map was made in more than 5 minutes, that you didn't enjoy it is a shame, but if you read the story, it at least explains the "farming area".
"Anyways I tried it on hardest settings - and I wouldnt call it challange - more like - unreasonable tasking[...]" You and I must have different definitions of difficulty in a city building game then, there are obviously different parts that make up the difficulty, but having a constraint map, disasters and invasions only provides it up until a certain point, afterwards you will have to fulfill time and cash consuming tasks.


Ah yes the good ol' 2 Rating without giving a single reason, I think you are saying that Balance made playability go down, which I disagree with, you didn't mention it bugging, something not showing up or whatever. So you just wanted to give this a bad rating and went with the same number you gave everything else, a trend that we will see continued in the later ones.


Ah yes the maths argument, I don't know what you expected but this was not supossed to be a map you beat in a quick afternoon session and then wait for a new map to release. I am not going to argue against your maths, because to your surprise I am sure, I did the same math and was happy with it.

This is all I can read "I had money issues and then didn't export something I could because it would have made me redesign my map and given me something to do while I was waiting for money to roll in"


I am just going to do this now, because I decided to drop my respectful facade since you didn't even bother putting yours up. All I can read is this

"I at this point still hadn't bothered to redesign something because I had money issues and now am complaining again that I didn't have anything to do while I was waiting. I also stopped buying fleece but now they are asking me for fleece, but I don't have fleece, I am not going to bother telling anyone that fleece is not requested close to every year and that it is more than possible to build a stockpile before the request comes in. I will also ignore the fact that later on there is a few Episodes dealing with the lack of marble, but I didn't bother to play through the whole thing."


The final act you bothered playing before writing your half arsed review. Here's your first sentence:
"task - build another sanctuary - but hard cap set only 1 sanctuary at the time" CONGRATULATIONS you figured out what this Adventure is about, you mind if I take this and put it on the front of the box as advertisement?

Btw, if you think I am being unreasonable with how I am responding now just remember that you put "o to be honest after I finished act III I decided to end my suffering" in your review so all gloves are off as far as I am concerned.


Ah yes a Progressive map that I only know 3 of to exist (I also don't also know all the maps so there's that) and a Story that incorporates gameplay mechanics, what would I know if i said that is creative. I am an idiot! Should have put some mountains on the island instead!
But no seriously? What do you think Creativity means?
You also mention that I missed the point of whats fun about the game. First of: Everyone enjoys different things and has fun with different things. Second of, you have not played this game in 10 freaking years! Maybe just maybe your memories aren't entirely accurate on this old game and you remember it for something it never was.
Another rating of 2 because you clearly just doesn't like the map and don't want to give it any more thoughts.


What on Earth is your problem man? This and the suffering comment are what made me even respond to this. You downloaded a map where the focus is on the story, then not mention it at all in your review and then give it another rating of 2 because at this point there must be extra points for consistency.

I will not take anything you have written in your review to heart, this is the honest truth. I usually enjoy reading any kind of feedback, be it positive, negative or at best constructive. The reason for this map existing is a review that outlined some issues with my previous map that I wanted to fix in this new one. But I will not even take your review even in consideration when it comes to my next map.

[Edited on 07/14/20 @ 07:20 PM]

Asphare @acas
Hate me / ignore me / get some feedback from it – dont care much... in the end you do you.

But so you know, I wasnt feeling nostalgic as I finished „original“ maps before I started looking for anything else – as I said, even though I didnt play game for 10yrs I was still familiar with every map – so it was way too easy – I wanted to find some challage and as I knew knowledge makes game easier I went here... as for difficulty level – I always played on olympian – not sure if there is way to make it harder, but I dont think so – as it was also way we used with friends to test our maps back in the day – but thats different and long story that has no connection to this topic... but lets say I had some exp with map creations, creating/testing for other friends – so I could tell your map could use more love, especially as one with „5“ stars rating – and before you ask, no I dont have any I could show you... as Im not nostalgic type...

If you say everyone enjoy something else – you are right – but I have hard time to imagine many people could enjoy map, where whole act is about building one sactuary, especially when there is absolutly nothing else to do, because player could easilly manage to create whole infratructure during act I and nothing new opens/happens – I belive there was guide back in the day, even on this webside if im not mistaken, that hinted this as common newbie mistake – you should check it out, I highly recommend it as there were really usefull tips and I would dare to say, you managed to hit a few of those in your adventure...

As for money – thats not core of the issue here – sure, balance was totally out of the place – but you were also stretching game time for no reason – which leads me to my main issue, fact, there was nothing to do, like I had no reason to re-design / build even, anything really – you just asked me to set auto-trade and wait for sanctuary to get finished... just so I could destroy it and start over the same story over only with different sanctuary... perhaps later ACTs are different, who knows, but somehow I have my doubts

As for fleece request – sure, you can put it there if you like it – but you basically asked player to get 7000 in treasury + 2500pop which for me logically was trigger for getting to next act and as I had no need to have such high pop so there was also no reason for me to buy fleece in advance, even less to stockpile (why would you even do that?), and right after I jumped into next act, request came for 25-ish fleece – in 3 months – all I had was like 6 fleece and I couldnt buy more even if I would like... as your request basically asked for value of 3yrs import. So logically speaking – totally out of the place request – sure, lucky for me, I could just ignore it all the way, as military diff was non existent – but still, in general, giving players tasks that are unrealistict to fufill is bad design – no way around it. Generaly speaking no player ll stockpile anything he cant produce and has no other means to get it but to import it, until he really needs it... not to mention your tasks basically asked for ignoring fleece untill the last moment... so be honest with yourself...fact you bought some in advance was only because you knew you are going to need it...

As for creativity: I can see you think you were creative here... sure, you came up with idea, using sactuary as means to open rec – as did many guys before you, so nothing original. Map, pure mix/max layout, without any details that would make it look like... well like actual land – for example one Im curretly trying out:, not perfect, sure, I have seen better ones, but it doesnt have to be perfect, not everyone has talent or patience to play with it to the last detail, but its great example to show you that even small details matters as it creates more natural look... so lets say, your creativity has a lot of space for improvement... if you dont see it, sorry, cant help you...

As for your story telling, as I said, not my cup of tea. As wanna be writter (more like my hobby) I know everyone has his own style, so I wont judge you for it. All I can say, number of words isnt indicator of quality – sometimes less words can create better story as pace also matters. But as I said, I wont open that topic here as its pointless. After all we are not writting book here.

[Edited on 07/15/20 @ 06:58 PM]

dulano @Acas

Well, one's meat may be another's poison. I'd like to think that each given reviews - be it positive or negative - are differing ways to acknowledge genuine efforts. Stay calm and keep it up!


First of all, welcome back to Zeus, a game that was almost two decades old yet fun as ever.

As a fellow player who enjoyed Zeus over the years as much as you do, I'm triggered by your review lol, so let me chime in some comments. Certainly you are entitled to your opinions about this adventure, but frankly I think most of your points were flawed. Don't take this as any sort of attack on you though - I'm merely raising some points against your approach to the episodes... maybe to defend my rating and prolly some civil discussions. :)


For starters, your low ratings and subsequent comments suggest that this adventure was a notch below your expectations, perhaps misplaced, or simply not to your taste. Thats odd as some of us thought highly of this adventure, but surely the consensus couldn't be THAT different, right? Let's dive into some of the reasons you gave.

Poseidon map but Greek:
This adventure needs to be played with the Poseidon expansion installed, hence a Poseidon Adventure. A Poseidon adventure can be Greek OR Atlantean. The author had more-or-less addressed this, so that's all to it. A non-issue like you said.

Map made in 5 mins:
It'd be impressive if someone really made a map like this in 5 minutes. I mean, I get that aesthetics may be subjective, yet the map really wasn't bland and I felt it was most definitely not done "without much thoughts". One of the key points of this adventure was space management. Granted the island was compact and resources were sparse, these were all well-tailored to the story or the other way round. Anything more would kinda defeat the purpose of the story (ie. more space/resource points = easier). Based on these, map was a deserved 5 in my books.


Nice maths there, a totally valid point. But still I'm baffled by your decision to ignore the fishes. There were enough shoreline for fisheries - in fact only 5 or 6 urchin quays would be enough to sustain the early population, fill the rest with fisheries and piers - these would have easily supplied around 400 dr/year (your calc). Any excess of fishes would go to food supply and more importantly, to act as favors from your neighbors if needed - the drachmas would really help to speed up the treasury goal. So, unless you were unaware of this, or you were running some sort of self-challenge/policy that refuses any foreign help (ie. reject any incoming gifts or refrain from request any goods or money from others), or you simply didn't like fish, I really don't see the point of dismissing the fishes as mere "logistic hassle".

Now for the goals, this adventure revolved around the challenges to work with limited space and resources. And yes, these include the population goals you deemed "overkill" (which FYI I thought were reasonable) and the high unemployment we'd face inevitably. These challenges were the absolute essence of the adventure - basically it required us not to overbuild/underbuild, just enough to hit the goal. Props to you that you played it correctly - hit the pop goal, move on, then remove the fleece peddler to reduce any excess population if needed. For this episode, I reckon an unemployment % hovering around 30 or lower was considered as a healthy level, so I'm sure you did better. But if the % was still a concern to you, we could always lower it by reducing wage, mann some random towers or watchposts, even building all those fisheries you ignored would've helped too... I'm sure you figured.

Then onto the fleece, well it was unfortunate if you didn't see it coming. I mean, the city couldn't produce fleece and only relied on imported fleece at this moment. The common houses WILL eventually need more fleece to evolve, and maybe down the road some elite houses etc. So the big question, do we hoard them for the future I wonder?


"Doing nothing" was dubious, even if you had everything up-n-running. But since this was never mentioned from you, I wasn't sure if you knew about "request goods or money from your allies". World relation is powerful, since the city's produces the allies' needs - if timed nicely we'd gain easy favors that would speed things up a bit (ie. marble, drachma). In a sense, this quarterly/yearly thing could really occupy your time throughout the act, even more when the game was running max speed.

Regarding allies/rivals' requests, really it was up to you to react. You probably had this figured, it wasn't mandatory to fulfill EACH requests that came your way, especially if you couldn't or wasn't prepared. You could always butter them up with your available goods later to boost your favor advice.

Well would've expected all the above from an experienced player, no?

P.S. the story did explain why the fleece was needed. But still, no point for more fleece since there wasn't REAL usage of it yet, right? Welp gotta play-on.


Basically you got the gist by now. Only ONE sanctuary at ONE time, so you'll have to demolish a previous sanctuary to make room for a next one. Oh no, what about the sheeps? And fleece? Stockpiled came handy.

I totally understand the reluctance of doing this, as previously I was not a fan of this way... a mindless teardown or rebuild, was just like all those hardwork went down the drain. But this was out of the norm, an objective with at least a solid tie-in to the written story. Well again it's up to you to accept it, or you could probably still call this as BS. Mind you this was the beauty of this adventure. It challenges the players to build the city efficiently right from the start, to prepare to adapt and grow within the limited land, or risk to resculpt the city, or even to reload/replay the whole thing!

So you've decided to pull the plug at this point, which wasn't even halfway through the whole adventure. Surely you missed the bulk of enjoyment, it's a pity... or maybe not?

Additional Comments:

Considering the points I'd say that your review was rather inadequate. More to the fact that you did not manage to finish the adventure (from the looks of it, you couldn't proceed), less for the lack of attempt. Your ratings seem skewed by contempt rather than a fair judgement. Instead of truly trying the game, it felt like a mission to look for dubious flaws, eager to convince (yourself) that this was terrible, and the fact that you were almost questioning all the challenges when you found them (tough)... well all these were just baffling.

To be honest, this was never about suffering or whatnot. Simply you weren't ready for this type of "re-building" episodes, a whole concept that wasn't suited to your style at this moment.

Though to your defense, a decade was a long break. This adventure isn't exactly a conventional one, undoubtedly geared towards advanced players with patience. Also, I'd like to believe that you have every intent to provide a genuine feedback (else you wouldn't bother to write such a long-winded essay, right?) albeit it was a harsh and somewhat misguided piece.

Perhaps care to try with a lower difficulty, or to recap your touch with a few other adventures first - there are plenty of good creations in ZHG that warrants our attention, and hopefully you'd appreciate some that fits your liking.

Good luck and chill!

[Edit: Grammar]

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 01:15 AM]

Mazeppa @Asphare: I just played the adventure, after seeing your comment, and what you're saying isn't what it seemed to be - especially in Olympian mode... I agree the 5 rating wasn't really there (imo), but like dulano said, most of what you said were just flawed.

Quote: "ACTI: all income came from export of 48wood/12fish - I ignored fishes as its too much logistic hassle for 400/year - so total income 48x75=3600. Wages end of act I were something like 1800. You requested 7000 in treasury - that is almost 5years of income - not to mention need of buying fleece to hit 2500 pop."

Are you sure? Because I made 7,000 drachma in less than 3 years after I started.. I mean, come on.. there are literally 3 allies willing to get wood from your city.. how on earth can you not make profit from that?? I made so much money that I hoarded up marble, fleece and bronze in episode 1.. I'll even upload my save file as proof if you want...

The first episode even allowed you to support your pop with urchins and use fish to sell... and you could use surplus wood to gift your allies to get money from them.. Money wasn't as big of an issue as you were making it out to be.

Also, 5 years is a reasonable time frame for episode 1 (or any episode); there's nothing wrong with that at all... unless you just wanted to breeze through the adventure... and you could hoard fleece to evolve your housing to get that pop in 1 year... Not an issue.

Quote: "That pop was total overkill btw - I had everything that was needed covered by pop 1500 already with 10-15% unemployment, so getting 2500 was like why I should have it? Its going to help me in next stage?"

You can use that employment to idk... build more timber mills and fisheries to get more wood and fish to make more money?? You were having financial issues in ACT 1, so why not?? Your solution is literally right there, typed by your own words, lol.

Quote: "ACT II: to get fleece you had to finish sanctuary - so until player do that, he can just watch - it was too long period of doing nothing..... 11 years of waiting...... another thing you decided to make it "harder" by putting there requests from other towns."

I would've agreed, if there wasn't any scripting for players to do, but there were, in the form of city requests and invasions... and wood requests could easily be completed if you built extra timber mills for your 10-15% unemployed, lol... The fleece at the start was a one-off.. and I had enough to even fulfil that request.. and even if you didn't, you could buffer your rivals so they don't go hostile; your complaint isn't that big of a deal..

Quote: "Not to mention once I had all of it 24fleece / year, I could jump to next act - just to find out everything I built there is going to be for nothing - there was absolutly no need for 24fleece/year as there wasnt any way to export / any real usage for it"

Not true.. if you delete the sanctuary, your sheep stays there, and you can use them to evolve your housing to tenements and get more pop... it isn't for nothing, as you said.. you won't have to rely on importing fleece anymore, and you'll have more workers to build artisans and other industries, like bronze and sculpture..

Quote: "Story/instructions: 2"

Are you serious?? The story was enjoyable to read, and it gave the adventure more character.. it even hooked me enough to actually finish this adventure... and the story of a greedy ruler who wanted more of everything and even tricked the gods to satiate his never-ending lust definitely fit the theme of this adventure and the gameplay that revolved around it.

If you're telling me that this is what you really think of the story and instructions in this adventure, then you're pretty much lying here.

Aside that, the only thing I agree with is that, yes.. the military aspect was severely lacking, but that is not even enough to give this adventure a 2, imo... Granted, there are many adventures on this site that really deserve a 2 rating, because they are just. that. bad... Lazy design, lazy gameplay, lazy story.. This adventure doesn't even compare to those adventures, imo.

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 01:41 AM]

Map Design4.0
Overall, I liked this adventure, to the point that I ended up playing to the end. It's a nice adventure, and the story literally hooked me up and got me curious to see how it unfolds.

Playability: 4

Putting an emphasis on city planning, I'd say the adventure did its job decently well, and I found myself trying to ponder on how to place certain structures, when to delete temples, where to place additional housing, industries etc, especially given the tight funds you had to cope with in Olympian level... which was fun.

But aside that, I did find this adventure a tad too easy, on Olympian mode... and as a player who enjoys the military side of Zeus/Poseidon, at times, I do feel the military aspect was indeed lacking here; halfway to the episode, I still get invasions worth 5 or so men (?), which I found a little disappointing.

But a big issue I've had was in the last episode, where you had to build Zeus' sanctuary, but the city could only support one.. I mean, come on, really... the other episodes were fine, because they blended with the storyline, but to allow only one sanctuary in the last episode? That's just unfair, imo. :( In the end, I reserved all that space for four sanctuaries to fit in the city, for nothing, lol..

I mean, given it's the last episode, that should be enough to let the city support four sanctuaries, is it not?? And I believe it does make sense in the story as well, to allow it (e.g. Zeus forcing the other gods not to meddle with you and force them to support you etc)... Not gonna lie, it got me ticked off, lol.

Aside that, I did enjoy the first few episodes, but right after the colony episode, things just got too easy for my taste and the challenge dwindled down a lot.. even in the last episode, but given the fact that the gameplay blended really well with the storyline, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Balance: 3

At the first few episodes, the creator did a great job in ensuring 1) players could get an advantage, but not too much to breeze through an episode, and 2) players could be disadvantaged, but not too much to make an episode unplayable.... profits could be earned, but not too much; building sanctuaries could take heavy financial costs, but can be recovered if players exploit what is provided.

However, what hurt the balance was the fact that after completing the colony episode, you could have a ton of cash to waste as you head back to the parent episode. By then, I literally had 40,000 drachma when I returned back to the parent city and from here, I had the freedom to spend whatever I could, willy nilly..

The invasions didn't help the balance either... by the last episode, I only had invasions worth 4,000 dr in olympian level, which means well.. not a lot of men, which isn't something you'd expect in the final episode of a titan adventure.

Creativity: 4

I loved how the author merged the story with the gameplay... personally, I'm not a fan of deleting sanctuaries and replacing them, but in this adventure, I welcomed it, as it complemented the storyline.

The only thing that marred the creativity for me was that most of the objectives in each episode seemed a little repetitive... just destroy one sanctuary and replace it with the other one, and make x/year of the resource the sanctuary gives (e.g. Athena - 8 olive oil/yr; Hephaestus - 6 sculpture/yr etc). And so at times, the objectives just felt like I was playing an Open Play Economic adventure, rather than an actual adventure; and the fact that the military aspect was so weak and that I completed some of the episodes in roughly less than 3 years didn't help that notion.

Also, it won't be bad introducing a few more cities into the world with a good role in the story or an episode. Granted, Lemnos was "that" city, but it served no role other than just conquering it to complete an objective in the final episode.

Map Design: 4

Personally, I'm not a fan of the parent city map, but I appreciate the effort and planning that was put into it.. But even taking that into consideration, most of the map besides the west and east parts just felt a little... empty, imo... adding a rock or two with varying sizes and maybe some wolves in the mountains would've added a lot of vitality rather than leaving the centre of the map empty and devoid of life..

Scrubbing was done in the parent city map to a decent degree, but it is mostly done using the large-sized brush, and it takes away the realism of the map... but aside the scrubbing, I do like the forest painted on the map. Cliffs and mountains were incorporated in, but their edges were mostly linear, and so they weren't really that realistic in the end.

The plateau of the lower mountain was also kind-of empty.. rocks, faint scrub, and additional trees could give it more life than what it's going for.

The colony map however, was great. But like the parent map, the central parts of the colony map did feel a little empty.. it'd be nice to see at least just one odd 2x2 rock with a few tiles of trees surrounding it in the centre of the map, or maybe a pack of wolves hiding somewhere would've given it more vitality.

Story/Instructions: 5

I loved the story here (and I hated the protagonist!! He just got too greedy in the end, and should've got punished for continuously tricking the gods, lol), and the tips provided by the author added a nice touch.

Hints in the story were also given for the player to analyze it, and were illustrated well enough for anyone to receive them, even if they didn't see the help sections.. which I turned a blind eye from.

Furthermore, the story's theme of a greedy leader who just can't satisfy his wants blended well with the gameplay, and it was a nice, creative touch that got me hooked into playing this adventure to the end.

Additional Comments:
Nice adventure!! But can be improved.
Here's some of my advice for your adventures, if you want to take it:

- Paint scrubs using the 1x1 brush. It makes maps look more realistic than lushing it away with the large brush in the editor.

- Ensure that mountains, rocks, trees, and coastlines don't look too linear, otherwise it takes away the realism. You did a good job with the coastlines, but the mountains in the parent city could be improved, imo.

- Trade routes in the world map could be made to follow the actual landscape of the map (e.g. rather than putting sea-trade routes as straight lines, try shaping them and aligning them with the land-sea borders in the world map).

- Avoid repetitive goals and repetitive play.. ensure that each episode is unique. Replacing sanctuaries with other sanctuaries and harvesting resources from them for 3 or so episodes did get a little repetitive in the end... Maybe adding a little subplot in some of these episodes would be nice.

- Look up actual names of cities/towns that existed in the locations you placed your cities... It did confuse me when you placed Megara in Naxos, Lemnos in Ephesus, and Mt Cithaeron in Aenea.

Aside that, nice adventure overall. I really liked it, and you woke my interest for Zeus/Poseidon once again.

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 04:41 AM]

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