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In Times of Need

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Difficulty: Titan
Number of episodes: 8+1
Hello o/,

welcome to my second Adventure. This one is called "In Times of Need" and it's all about using the Gods's blessing to your advantage, even if you end up angering them. It has 8 Parent Episodes and 1 Colony and while the Gameplay should be fun and at times tricky, the story was really my focus this time, with a story with about 5400 Words put into it. I really hope you enjoy both the Map and Story that's attached to it.

In terms of difficulty it should be a bit challenging but nothing too major. Money will be the issue early on as your only source of income will be wood.

I tested this on Olympian and there were times where I ran out of Food or Money so I hope you will find a challenge here as well.


More? Yes More would be nice. More Fleece. More Olive Oil, More Sculptures. More Wine. More Room. Just more you know? The Gods could give me more but they are too self absorbed to actually make a difference, unless we make them.

I hope you will enjoy this adventure. I really enjoyed reading your reviews for my last one, in fact that's why I even made this one. I suddenly got motivated to start another Adventure while I read through a review. So please keep them coming! Thanks for your Feedback!
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Asphare @mazeppa
As I said, you can trade 12+12+24 units of wood = 48*75=3600/year, it true, I dont have tendency to go into negative numbers, as Im used to from our friend shared adventures, that we used to give each other only one free pass, so if allies were too friendly giving player good amount of money, it could make things faster. But as I said money in general, it was not main problem, anyways.

As for using extra workforce to get more wood / (fishes), there was no need I had production of 70-75 wood/year – I could trade fishes 12*36, to get extra 400 per year, sure, but that would have to be separate loop so I would not mess with the rest of the logicstic – sadly game is really old, so AI is non existent, means deliver question yes/no is decided at real time based on real time status of storage, meaning carts ll try to deliver goods whenever spot is open, and game wont carculate with distance or other carts already on route, which leads to failed deliveries... and if you have spread out dock and granaries... it kills production, so as I said, 400/y didnt seemed to be worth to bother with it

As for seafood – for me those things are bugged, so no way to get those... but I agree, thats my issue

As for using 2500 pop early on – for real no reason to do so – as I said, I was producing 75-ish wood/year, demand was 48/year + some requests from other towns – easilly covered by it, even with extra gifts included... fishes, the same story – why would someone create fake demand, by making higher pop, when he cant benefit from it – makes no sense – as exept those two productions, you cant use it for anything but living quaters / logistic

Fleece 24/year, once again, why would I consume fleece, to get higher pop, I had no benefit from? Even if I would do it, 12/y would cover 2 districts that gives me 2500 pop – which I said was over kill... and as there was no demand, I would just create surplus for no reason – so as I said, I got 24/year just to destroy half of it afterwards... every single request would be minor, but if all of them are the same... asking you to build something you can destroy afterwads... it kills reasons to follow creators guide... which milestones kind of are...

Anyways. Main issue for me, once again, was lack of things I could do, in ACTII and ACTIII, I had everything set down from act I, act II – III there was no need to change any of it (exept a few buildings to finish given task) – now act II, once again, asked me to build sactuary that needed 130 marbles – only way was to import 12/y = 10yrs of waiting period – as for an idea of requests from towns gives player something do ... not really, I just had to hit deliver button (exept of fleece ofc, I could buy something, and keep stock of 36, just in case, which I did, but as I saw, bribe was set to 1500 which was about same cost as requested gift and invasions were no threat... there was no real reason to do it constantly)... so really, I could just sit and watch ... with minor gifts trading to get extra cash. Sure... overall if I would have to do it once, (wait until sanctuary gets finished, exploit and destory) I could get past it, but game creator asked me to the same thing 3 times in row... which killed whole thing for me

As for story, you could enjoy it, I dont try to take it from you – but keep it in mind – everyone enjoy something else. Not to mention I saw it as part of the problem. As only reason why map creator saparated everything into acts, type of build new santuary and exploit it, was for story sake – which from my point of view had negative impact on game play. If it would be perfect (5star), it would connect those two aspects of the game.

As for rating in general – you are right, map is about 3-4 stars (perhaps exept how map looks like, it really is hollow min/max backbone and it could use more love) – but if I gave it real honest rating – overal rating would stay around 5 stars – as I can imagine, there arent many people to rank adventures anymore – and I wanted to prevent my situation – as I was looking forward to enjoy 5 star adventure just to find out, its nowhere near it – which is also only reason I broke my rule, never write review unless I manage to finish it

Dont worry, I dont take anything personaly, and I dont like new trend, silnce your opponent / re-write history... everyone has right to say what he is thinking – as as long as its non-aggresive and constructive it allows us to come up with better things

Ïf I should sume up your early adventure, how I would get rid of problem there is... to make it better perhaps, consider a few things:

1. dont limit player options by 12marble/year, instead use money as limitaion, for example let player import 36marble/year and let him find ways how to do it... meaning switch hard cap for soft cap - if player can make more money, let him benefit from it, dont force him into 10y period

2. ACT I add task to get x amount of people living in better houses (homestead) – that way you force players to actually get fleece - and move task to get 2500 pop to act II – that way you give players something to do later on during waiting period – meanwhile overall, you keep your „game plan“ intacted (even though I would really add something more, to do there, as if you ask player to get pop 2500 so early in the game, he has no use for later on, is not optimal way how to do it)

on top of it I would even shutdown import of fleece, during act II, to give player real motivation to get production going... and I would move request for 24 fleece somewhere in the middle/end of act II aswell, with growing tendencies from start 6-8-12-20 or something like that... to support your task 24fleece/year

3. create some side plot - actII - IV, to give player something else to do but to wait for sactuaries

but as I said, thats me, in the end, you do you .)

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 08:24 AM]

Mazeppa @asphare:

Reading your issue with the 2,500 pop again and with the repeated objectives, you do have a point on that, and it also aligns to a point I brought up in my review on creativity.

I personally think it would've done wonders if the creator incorporated a lower pop on ep 1 and included 2,500 pop as an objective in one of the later sanctuary episodes (e.g. 1,000 pop in ep 1; 2,500 pop in a sanctuary episode). The theme of building in a small map would still be the same, while at the same time, it gives a lot more diversity between the sanctuary episodes - as they were indeed, repetitive, and took less than 3 years to complete (on my part); an additional objective wouldn't really hurt.

Quote: "As for story.... I saw it as part of the problem. As only reason why map creator saparated everything into acts, type of build new santuary and exploit it, was for story sake – which from my point of view had negative impact on game play."

Ah, I see what you mean now.. your story rating did trigger me at first, but now that you've elaborated on it, I definitely agree.. imo, a subplot - like you said - would've been nice to incorporate, and there are a lot of ways to add some diversity for players to have something do whilst waiting for sanctuaries to be built, without ruining the theme..

E.g. A neigboring city being destroyed by the rival city and its residents are fleeing, and as an ally, you have to provide housing for them (2,500 pop)... or a quest involving the rival king's assassination (using Jason), hence halting any attacks from them for the time being... or helping rivals to get them to ally and side with you (as Mt Cithaeron and Ismarus didn't have much of a role - story wise) etc.

Because true, so far - as much as I approve of the story - I can't deny that a lot of it was all about just building a sanctuary and getting resources from it to give the leader and people what they want, (a colony episode was there, but had the same role.. satisfying the leader's wants) but never did the story include say.. Megara, or Eleusis, or any other city except for Colchis.. and would've been nice to explore them - storyline wise.

@acas: don't take it the wrong way! I'm just suggesting examples of how you could improve your storytelling in future adventures - and your story is already good!!

Quote: "As for seafood – for me those things are bugged, so no way to get those... but I agree, thats my issue"

In that case, have you tried pecunia's unofficial patch? I suspect you might have an issue with urchin collectors, and her patch fixes that, along with other things.
Asphare @mazeppa

thank you for link, I ll definetly try it out.

yea, looking back, I could elaborat more on my thoughts in my original "review", to be honest I wanted to avoid writing down whole new novel - in the end, I didnt avoid it anyways ... so my bad :)

and sure, I know, I could have been less harsh with rating - I guess, parially it came from my disappointment but also from exp with my new field of study - game design, team leader kind of thing... kind of hated idea that something that has so much room for improvement got max rating already, even though from my point of view, foundations/bones might be there - which is must have thing - but it lacks polishing, through and through. Story aside, perhaps map visual could be used as metaphor for adventure as whole - as both have only rough shapes, the absolute minimum to make it somehow work. Meanwhile with a little bit more affort if could have been way better.

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 09:14 AM]

dulano @Asphare

So you probably or not respond to this - I get triggered previously only due to I perceived as trolling, so pardon me - but just wanted to commend your last comment. It was worded in such a better manner and you've made your points clearer. Especially your 3 tips at the end were actually very agreeable, along with Mazeppa's, that to add subplots (like Hero quests?) within the episodes could indeed spice things up.

While there were things that I still kinda disagree with (ie. the pop goal - still felt feasible to me; fishes - poor AI deliveries, does it matter in a small map like this?), maybe I'll just take that as differing stances we had. :)


Your review was on point, especially the part "... some adventures on this site that really deserve a 2 rating". While I don't wish to totally dismiss their efforts (however little they did), I do wish those adventures could make use of their feedbacks, or even take note from some other established adventures, they could really go a long way.

Well certainly this adventure doesn't fall into that group, neither it warrants a overall 2 ratings lol.

[EDIT] Well there were active posts before I submitted this lol.

@Mazeppa's made a good point in splitting the pop goal into 2 episodes... it decreases the tenacity of one episode, but still would achieve the same theme in the big picture.

And @Asphare, imo there was always room for improvement even for a 5 ratings, but your point on adventure ratings does make sense... we wouldn't want an influx of adventures with 5 ratings but lacking real substance - I'll take extra note on future ratings.

Have a nice day!

[Edited on 07/16/20 @ 09:24 AM]

Asphare @dulano
thanks, and dont worry, I know, Im the one to blame as you are right, I should have been more clear about my thoughts right from the start - I ll try to do so next time. (I know I shouldnt write anything after long day in the middle of night - but sometimes I forget...)
Map Design2.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 3
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 2
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Map Design4.0
Really enjoyed the adventure and even created an account just to start posting reviews! The story was really well written, I liked the temple destruction thing! Loved it. thanks a lot for that good moment!

Playability: 4
Easy to play and really enjoyed the lack of space that added a lot of challenge. I would probably have liked more colony missions which makes the story longer, like each colony bringing 12 marble a year instead of one giving 36? with some temples, military challenges. Quite conscious that you cannot have too many extra colonies giving too many resources (otherwise, your story with temple providing resources would not make sense)

Balance: 4
Different challenges that I liked. Lack of space was exciting and I had to rebuild a lot which was quite interesting. And quite a good military/eco mix.

Creativity: 5
Really enjoyed the temple destruction as well as the necessity to destroy/rebuild part of the city.

Map Design: 4
Map solid to achieve the gameplay goals, efficient and clean, nothing too fancy.

Story/Instructions: 5
Clearly the best part and the one that enjoyed a lot, it made a lot of sense and was fun to follow. I really felt like I was building the city to save my people.

Additional Comments: I want more adventures!!!
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