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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 6 +1 colony
Your brother, the king of Lacedaemon, is dead. Now you must take the throne and guide a new city through war, disaster and the attentions of the gods to create a legendary empire.
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nekoal18 Hello weedyT,

First of all, what a strange coincidence that we both attempt to create a Spartan adventure and appear to have used the same reference for a map! I look forward to playing through your adventure.

As an aside though, when I was reading through the first scenario reading. You appear to be missing a " , as your text ends with "parent_episode_1_complete=" :) Something for you to quickly fix!

Your Colony of Taenarum also has no text when selecting it for the colony mission, was that intentional?

Might I also say that the maps looking stunning :) Wish you designed mine!



[Edited on 03/03/21 @ 08:28 AM]

File Author
Hi Alexander
Great minds, you could say? lol
I guess there are only so many sources for maps of ancient Greek cities out there, there's inevitably certain similarities. I'll have to dl your campaign and have a play!
Good catch on the text, thanks! I spent so long checking for typos, but that one slipped through the net. As for the colony, with no choice of cities to go to, the selection text seemed a little redundant.
Hope you enjoy playing!
I definitely agree that map is pretty!
Map Design5.0
Hey so this is the first custom scenario I have ever played for this game, and thus also the first review I have ever given. But I was inspired to give some feedback given I had a great time.

Playability: 5
I played on Hero, and in terms of the goals I found most of them very easy, except for building the city to large population sizes at the end (to 15k and then to 20). I have never built up a city that big, so it was a pretty big challenge for me to manage food, fleece, and oil supplies across the entire map for so many housing blocks. There were not any real problems, although I had what seemed to be a glitch where a trader from one of the cities refused to come ever again (Not one of the intended cities to stop trading with you early on, but I think Olympia who sold bronze/bought wood, and the trading post did not indicate it trading should be halted). I doubt this glitch is the adventure creator's fault however.

Balance: 4
Besides having too much money on Hero, it is very well balanced. I never even got close to running out of money. I don't mind that if it was the intention, but it was so much money I never even had to pay attention to it. The scenario got more difficult over time, each episode feels like it builds on what you did in the previous, and the second to last episode where the invasions start coming in was fun to deal with and kept me on my feet without being frustrating. Also a great choice on the 4 sanctuaries you allow the player to build, as I made heavy use of them all and really needed them to beat the adventure. The large rewards for raiding on Hero made me pretty dependent on it, if I played on Olympian I do not know if the balance would be maintained and it may get pretty frustrating to finish building the city up.

Creativity: 5
I was not sure how to rank this, but I think there was a ton of thought put in on the events that happened in the episodes, what you are allowed to build in Sparta (in tandem with the map design), as well as the other cities on the map.

Map Design: 5
Really well done here and the best part of the adventure. If I saw this, I would think this was an official map designed by a team of people. Very fun to expand throughout the entire map. I also in particular loved all of the fields along the river banks. I had a great time planning out my housing blocks to be as dense as possible, along with maintaining the orange groves and trees. Made me design my industry/housing differently than I would in the official scenarios, and it was cool to see it work. The colony map is also very good and well designed, and again it looks like a team made it.

Story/Instructions: 4
I did not really focus on the story, but I did read it. It was concise, appropriate, and was good, even if if I did not cry tears of absolute joy.

Additional Comments:
I had a great time with this and I am glad I chose this as the first custom map to play. Wish I could be more constructive on particulars, but mainly wanted to write this to thank you for a great map!
File Author
Thanks for the review Eyser!
re: the glitch with traders not appearing - it's happened occasionally to me when testing campaigns, but never seems to be consistent, and sometimes goes away on it's own. Wish I could fix it, as it can be very annoying...
Hope you continue to enjoy the campaigns on the site
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(15k and 20k people required are more than too much, any reason for this goal? This map seemed to be one of the most difficult map I have played(I thought it is at the same level with Two World Collide, an original map) It was a very challenging map for the first time I played. Thus, I was detroyed after attacked by almost all enemies. After replay the adventure, I had better preparation for the invasion points and disaster so I can managed to win all episodes until the last 2 episodes of parent city. The goals are required to have so many people without any neccesary and some traders didnt come to trade just like previous reviewer commented so it took me for a while to complete this goals.)

Balance: 4
(Without wall and towers & chariot, it was very challenge to fight in the early episodes. Howerver, trying to fulflill enemies' requests can make me survive and win all early episodes much more easy even I didnt like to bow to them but this seems to be the way to win the adventure so I got to do it. The point was, there were many invasions seemed to be jokes because they came to the entrance, walking around and went back without fighting. So, it should be better if invasion armies go bigger related to the time passed. Also, the 20k ppl. goal should be discussed in "Balance" as it was not balance to require 20k when all I need it 7-8k ppl.)

Creativity: 5
(The adventure required good survivor skilled as the city has limited resources)

Map Design: 5
(Map designed is great actually but it would be better if tower and wall are allowed in the early episode so I can plan for better defending tactics. Also, 20k ppl goal ruined the city designed after I need to find jobs for 10k ppl. and unnecessary buidings are built around the city.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(The story is lovely. I like how you say the colony is good for frigate and also good for captain training and then we come back to the parent city with the frigate available after win the colony episode and ofcourse 45% unemployment ready for me to build 6 frigates)

Additional Comments: To conclude, I like your map and I know you have spended huge effort for it. Many thanks for sharing the great map. This is my first comment hope you like it and this is my first map downloaded and it took me 2 days to completed all episode in olympian level. I will go for more challenging maps further so if you have a new map or other maps suggestion for me I would love to take it.

Thanks again for good work here. :)
File Author
Hi Paloch
Thanks for your review, and glad you enjoyed the adventure.
The reason for the lack of towers etc is to highlight the natural fortifications of the map, which was created based on historical documents relating to the real city of Sparta. When playing Zeus I always enjoy being able to use defenses, but wanted to challenge that style of gameplay with this adventure.

As for the high population goals; it's not meant to be easy! Finding ways to keep employment levels up with a high population is part of the challenge, though I did give you Aphrodite to help keep the populace happy.

Hope you continue to enjoy the game,

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Map Design5.0
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