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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 5 + 3 colonies
Last updated: 1/13/22

This is a bizarre, medium-length Poseidon adventure with 5 parent episodes and 3 colony episodes, where each episode has a main puzzle or two to solve before you can complete them successfully. Prepare to build the worst looking cities ever (ever tried building townhouses with no appeal technology?), and subsequently trash half of it in the next episode. A lot of the map and gameplay is designed to be teeth-pullingly annoying at first, but once you figure out the solution, it becomes smooth sailing. I find it very ironic that I designed this adventure, because I much prefer having lots of land to build nice, tight housing blocks and not have to worry about stupid disasters and stuff (refer to my housing block #184 in the housing block thread).

Although I hope that this adventure is on the same level as, say, Two Worlds Collide, it does require some tight knowledge of how Zeus works. I learned a lot of Zeus tricks while designing this adventure. For those players who get frustrated easily, I have provided a handy, sizable book of Hints to support your adventure. I spent several months balancing this adventure, and while I did evolve several strategies quite drastically over time, I'm necessarily balancing the game against only myself. That means that there's a good chance that I'm excluding many other strategies by accident. If you have any strong thoughts about the gameplay, feel free to comment below!

The adventure is fully narrated with a splattering of humor mixed in. As the story is linear, so too are the colony choices. When picking a colony, do follow the stated order, as I'm pretty sure the adventure is unwinnable otherwise.

Due to the puzzle-like nature of this adventure, please tell me your favorite and least favorite episodes in the comments! Personally, I like Parent episode 1 and 2, and colonies 1 and 2 the most, while Parent 5 is my least favorite.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I'm so glad you updated this to show the map image. And wow! What a map!
K2911d This adventure really CRAZY difficulty. Just completed this but only beginner difficulty(i tried olympian but after seeing so many change of events, decided to take it easy & figure out what's going on 1st).

The general ideas are cool but it's too exaggerated. some very little detail become very important aspect to consider making this adventure less enjoyable. for example, in episode 1, have to timing build trading post. just build it only after cheese harvested & ready to be sold in order to not waste any little drachma paying unnecessary wage. that's too much detail. doable, but totally less enjoyable. then goes for colony 2, too frequent price changes that instead of enjoying building city, end up spend time reading messages. i guess about 30-40 price changes in 1 year. wew so head aching to read them all. for colony 3, there's too much gifts, yes TOO MUCH. had 200 messages a year bcoz of GIFTS. still had to endure monsters attack in parent 5 which is disappointing bcoz all those happen in colony 3 give nothing.

there's A LOT more i'd like to point out but i'll just conclude this,

The ideas for each episode is unique & fresh. Apply concept of finance, stock trading, city (re)building, knowledge & timing.
BUT, the TOO MUCH DETAIL to pay attention to these concepts is mood killer. it become less enjoyable.

[Edited on 01/20/22 @ 01:38 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(bug happen a lot during my gameplay, tidal wave cause effect like flood, eroded some part of the land, after reload saved game, it doesn't happen anymore, just normal tidal wave.
pretty sure bcoz data error can happen bcoz TOO FREQUENT same event happen.

& it's become very annoying just keep taking damage from monsters & unable to do anything)

Balance: 4
(1 way destroyed, alternative way opened, just like Everybody Love Oranges adventure, that's cool. But for colony 1 episode, it's not cool having to wait sequence of event before can build housing. there's even time gap where housing isolated due to disaster & another path still unavailable. in case not stockpiling anything, can only replay episode or reload save game)

Creativity: 4
(very creative but that's the problem. there's proverb, there's thin line between crazy & genius. this adventure is crazy, not genius(i'm crazy too :D. especially your idea of killing monsters by sending heroes from another city(colony). turn out it doesn't work & it just crazy idea in the end. it's already seems nonsense to me for colony to help the parent city dealing with monsters which mean the parent city is incompetent compared to colony which is role reversal. why not just make 3rd colony as parent city in the end as plot twist since 3rd colony absolutely better than parent city. well, i'm sure that's not allowed as well.

Map Design: 4
(totally love the 2nd colony map, really giving the vibe of resort island. a disappointment though there's too much price changes message that makes me want to GTFO of the episode ASAP. only little bit disappointment it doesn't have enough space for everything(i mean for both theater & stadium at the same time)

Story/Instructions: 5
(instruction clear, even providing hint & tips)

Additional Comments: the entire adventure just rushing the player to build fast too much. there's no chilling time in this adventure, contradictory to this game purpose that's to play game, chill & enjoy the show. it's a killjoy.

[Edited on 01/23/22 @ 06:33 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, K2911d! You're right in saying that the playstyle is tight and employs a lot of detailed knowledge (yes, granaries are guaranteed to collapse in colony 1), and the adventure advances at breakneck speed compared to most others. In fact, all of the episodes except colony 1 and 2 are intended to be completed in 2-4 years :O. I was previously worried that players would get bored, but now I see that this was simply a difference in perspective between RTS players such as myself and city builders, which is what Zeus players are supposed to be... Oops. Given your background, I'm actually quite happy with the rating you gave this map :).

Your comments make me think that making a "chill version" of this adventure would be well received. After giving this some thought, it seems evident to me that this endeavor will not be as easy as it sounds, so I'll wait for other comments to see if I should do so.

Finally, I don't understand what's up with your note about tidal waves under Playability. In all parent episodes, there should be recurring tidal waves at 2 locations roughly every 1-2 years (depends on the episode), as well as some scripted floods that change the landscape, as you noticed. Late in the final episode, those recurring tidal waves eventually end with a flood - thus, there are exactly 8 floods in the entire parent side of the adventure. Having a flood become a tidal wave (or vice versa) due to reloading a save is... very bizarre, and it's never happened to me before even when I reloaded my saves in any Zeus adventure. I play the steam version by the way, so I wonder if that's an issue.
K2911d I play non steam version. Version 2.1(sierra version I guess).

Bug regarding flood become tidal or vice versa always happen in certain adventures . I guess it's my game version now.

When flood act as tidal, some part of the land that's supposed to eroded (in order to enable bridge pathing) doesn't happen, cause unable to build bridge forever & stuck.

When tidal act as flood, some already fine bridge pathing gone. & can't build bridge forever.

That's why it's regarding playability for me.

[Edited on 01/24/22 @ 12:34 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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