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Orion's Tale

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 7
This adventure is designed to tell you the myth of Orion, from his birth until his death. In some cases, different versions of his life have been reworked into one cohesive storyline. This story is interwoven with the player developing his/her own city (plus colonies) and also incorporates elements from the Trojan War and the Odyssey. Very happy to take any constructive criticisms or ways the adventure could be improved. Based on my own playthrough, I believe that newbies will find the adventure challenging while veterans should still enjoy the scenarios and obstacles which have been developed.
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TheVinzVincent Hi ! It's good to see that people keep on making adventures for this great game. I could test older adventures, but I want to encourage the "legacy", so I will start by this one. I will let you know what I think about it soon !
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(Wasn't too hard to play. Was playing on Olympian and the hardest part imo was the first chapter on surviving with enough food. And the annoying god apollo popping up and destroying hazard buildings and causing diseases)

Balance: 4
(Money was easy to get, but you do get attacked a lot so it can offset your profits if you don't like defending)

Creativity: 5
(A lot of episodes and fun things to do. I do wish you could play with all the different temples to allow personal choice)

Map Design: 5
(Huge map, you're not pressure to squeeze buildings together)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Interesting story)

Additional Comments:
I think the balance is good but the first map, even though it is easy to get resources for the pyramid, it takes way too long imo. Like it takes 10 in-game years to get enough approximately.

Lastly, the gods were quite annoying. They seem to appears at least one a year if not more. Other than that it was super fun to make a lot of money and make a fun city.

It does suck that a few cities were basically impossible to conquer till the final chapter.

[Edited on 09/19/22 @ 12:06 PM]

TheVinzVincent Sadly I can't go further in the adventure for the moment, because a god (I don't remember which one) destroys my temples everytime I build them. So I can't do anything. Maybe I did something wrong.

Other than that - but it's only my opinion, I'm not saying your work is bad ! - I prefer when the adventures are progressive. In this one, everything has to be done straight away.

For the rest, I like the funny story telling and the parent map is well designed :)
File Author
@lordmatsu - thanks for the download and the ratings, glad you had fun with the adventure. For your comments:

10 odd years for the first episode: I wanted to give a feeling of the passing of the Trojan War and have the player challenged over time. You can speed things up by getting Troy to gift you black marble (particularly on the non-Olympian difficulties). My suggestion is to shower them with wine and then ask for the gift of black marble in return once they're sufficiently happy). But I do acknowledge that some players would want it to be quicker.

Cities being unconquerable: The two cities in particular referred to here play a big role in the story. If the player could conquer them earlier, then a lot of the story would not make sense unfortunately.

Appreciate the time you took to play and to leave your thoughts!
File Author
@TheVinzVincent - thanks for the download. I'm not sure why a god keeps destroying your temples. Their targets are not designed to be temples in the editor. Perhaps try restarting the episode and get an earlier start on building the temple? You don't mention which episode you're on, but if Zeus is giving you issues in the final episode, then I suggest building Hera's temple as she gets Zeus to back off.
Happy that you leave some suggestions on the adventure being more progressive - I personally felt the adventure was quite progressive in what you needed to achieve and that these evolve with each episode (based on the story development).
Thanks for playing!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 3
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

I enjoyed this adventure on Olympian. No hair-pulling moments, had a good storyline, and objectives kept me entertained all the way.

A note with spoiler:
There are very large population goals at the end, so there is a high chance to run into the dreaded sprite or walker limit... which I unfortunately did. :(

I had barely exceeded the population goals when I completed the adventure, and like I've always do, I proceed to continue building the city. In few game-years, the maintenance offices no longer spawn intendents and the city swiftly crumbles like a domino. Restart the game and reload the save did nothing... it's unfortunate but expected. Left with no choice but to resculpt my city (reduce gardens, walker-producing buildings, carding shed/sheep etc), at this point I decided to let it go. Wished I had built with much more efficiency and not to go crazy with "huge map freedom" during the early episodes lol, so that my city may survive after the end. Oh well.

Anyway for a brief review:

This adventure was stated by author as not uber-hard, I feel this was on the easier side of the scale and it's fine.

Goals and events were overall reasonable and progressed well. The adventure did get rough towards the end episode. More frequent invasions, the yearly "I AM ZEUS!!", and some surprise tidals etc. All well-timed events yet not unmanageable.

The Parent map was huge, so the biggest obstacle was picking the best place to start the city and link the wide-spread resources. A fair challenge.

Almost every resources were available from the start, which in my opinion toned down the starting difficulty. A probable suggestion would be to withhold some of the resources and gradually introduce them later, or limit raw materials to trade/raid/beg only etc.

Making progress and drachmas will take time but ultimately not too hard, with exports and especially tax from the elites. Disabling tax on first episode(s) may provide challenge.

Frequency of Heroes and military defense may dig deep into resources, and the drachma bank if not defending with troops, which I usually don't and preferred bribing lol. While the city soon produce more exports (ie. Armor/Sculpture), the above tax may in fact be critical to build-up drachmas quickly.

Map designs were OK. Huge space for players to build any style without pressure, perhaps too freely. Aesthetic-wise, there were spaces (sorry pun lol) for improvement, like adding more scrubs, stones, varieties to land levels etc. But I guess the current design was made with the overall population goal in mind, which I'm OK with.

Colonies here were compact versions of Parent episode, smaller in size but similarly wide-spaced. Objectives were reasonable and pretty straightforward too. We eventually get to play both colonies, and both colonies' tribute make little difference in the long run, but I would say going to New Ithaca first would be the easier one.

And lastly, my biggest fight ironically it was not against Zeus, but against the sprite limit bug. It was a real hectic to quickly replace every maintenance office in hope that it would work again, while removing deadweights, rebuilding rubbles and to stop the devolving houses and my bleeding heart lol, but it's futile in the end... well have to just move on.

Barring the sprite limit bummer, which have nothing to do with the adventure itself, I enjoyed and would recommend this adventure. Thanks for the adventure!

[Edited on 10/05/22 @ 03:14 AM]

Peperuza I can not play the adventure, i download the file, i put it on the adventures folder and when i get into the game it seems broken, no text, no map, can someone help me?
dulano @Peperuza

My guess this is due to the name of your folder. The folder name has to be exactly same as the .pak file (in our case, folder name must be "Orions Tale", note the space between). Remember to place a copy of the .pak file under the main Adventures directory too.

More details at post #10 from bobT :,5616,,20

File Author
@dulano, thanks for the well-considered review. Glad you enjoyed the adventure!
Michelle91 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the campaign, because after Zeus's invasions, the city got bugged - maintenance workers wouldn't appear anymore, so everything began to crash, and there was nothing I could do...
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Map Design4.0
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