Game Info


  • Hotkeys: a list of shortcut keys for quickly accessing parts of the game
  • Cheats: all cheats available in the game
  • Useful Forum Threads: a list of forums discussions that may come in handy
  • Bugs? Some oddities in Zeus
  • Trivia: random bits of knowledge of the game that you might not know.


Buildings & Housing

  • Housing Blocks: a large collection of blocks to choose from
  • Housing Levels: all you wanted to know about the different housing levels. From simple requirements to number-crunching data
  • Glyphy: housing block generator
  • Buildings: a list of all buildings in the game
  • Walkers: a list of all walkers in the game


  • Gods: a general overview of the gods in the game
  • Sanctuary construction: what materials do you need to construct a sanctuary and what benefits will you get?
  • Heroes: what do you need to summon the different heroes
  • Monsters: which monsters are there and who can defeat them?
  • Quests: which quests are there?
  • Pyramids: what materials do you need to construct a pyramid in Poseidon?