Useful Forum Threads

Our forums are a continual source not only of amusement but also of information. This page is designed to be a one-stop-shop of all the best and most informative Zeus-related forum threads.


On the Building of Sanctuaries by Vriesea tells you anything you’ll ever need to know about Sanctuaries, and includes a setup (using our glyph generator)which maximises distribution of marble, wood and statues.

My Favourite Housing Blocks by SenetEr shows in graphical form (using the glyph generator) some of peoples’ top housing arrangements.

The Tower Switch of Sparta by Vriesea demonstrates a form of military gauntlet, sure to deplete enemy forces before they get anywhere near harming your city.

Hungry? So are your people… by Moquel is a thorough analysis of the numbers at work behind food production and consumption.

Balanced Block by SenetEr exhibits several different configurations of housing based around the concept of a block which can hold both normal and elite housing.

Game Oddities by Nightwolf details some of the strange little quirks which you can use to your advantage in Zeus.

Ok Folks – Let’s Crunch Numbers by Caesar Alan contains info about the numbers being crunched silently in the background while you’re playing Zeus.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Industries in Zeus by JonN does exactly what it says on the tin ;).

Adventure Editing

How to do Colonies by Nightwolf is a thread packed with useful info and tips on how best to give your custom adventures that little colonial edge.