More gods to come:


Ares is the god of war, and brings 2 companies of warriors with him to supplement your city’s defensive forces. When he walks around your city, he always takes his dragon with him, and they’ll both take on any enemies they happen upon. Praying to Ares might result in him joining your soldiers on action abroad, thus greatly increasing their chances of victory.

Be warned, though, since those very same tough Sparti will be turned against you should you anger Ares…


With Apollo’s Sanctuary comes an increased chance of winning the pan-Hellenic games, and also provides you with an oracle so that you might see into the future. He will kill any monsters that invade your city. He will bless any culture-related buildings he passes, and they will produce twice as many walkers as usual. Praying to Apollo will remove any and all disease currently afflicting your city.

When Apollo is in a snit, he likes to cause plagues. He’ll also prevent the city’s cultural institutions from enriching the masses.


As with Ares, Artemis brings 2 companies of troops (which, unlike Ares’s Spartans, cannot be sent on service abroad) with her when you build her sanctuary. Hunters will also draw inspiration from her, and will hunt more effectively as a result. She’ll sanctify hunting lodges, making them produce 4 times more pork than usual, and will kill any predator she encounters on her travels. If she hears your prayers, she’ll deliver 24 sides of pork directly to your granaries.

If you cross Artemis, she’ll attack your city in concert with her Amazons. She will also kill some of your hunters and make sure wolf packs in your city are strong.


Athena’s Sanctuary comes with 4 olive trees, which can be cultivated as usual. It also endows your soldiers with greater strength, and she will defend your city if it’s attacked. She will bless carding sheds and olive presses, making them produce 4 times more finished goods than they normally would. Praying to Athena might result in her giving you some olives or olive oil from her store.

When Athena is exacting revenge, she likes to weaken the city’s defenses by leaving the city’s walls and towers unmanned. She also does a number on the city’s olive oil industry.