Final bunch:


Demeter’s Sanctuary is always surrounded by lush meadows – if there aren’t any there beforehand, some new meadowland will appear when it’s built. Demeter herself will gladly sanctify farms, making them produce 4 times more goods than usual. A prayer might even yield up some free food, should you need some.

If angered she’ll spend her time making your city infertile. When she’s retaliating against you, she likes to destroy crops and kill sheep and goats.


Hades’s Sanctuary comes with some silver ore, which can be minted into drachmas, and Cerberus, the 3-headed dog, who will patrol your city. When walking around your city, Hades himself might take it upon himself to bless a mint or 2, which will then produce 4 times more drachmas than usual. Praying to Hades could result in an immediate financial boost.

Hades likes to bring people back to the Underworld with him. When he attacks, every walker in the city goes to the Underworld, and your streets are eerily empty. Hades also likes to curse Foundries and Mints, and they will not work while they are cursed.


The god of the sea, Poseidon’s Sanctuary comes with his pet Kraken, which will patrol your sea-based buildings and ensure they come to no harm. It’ll also make fisheries and urchin quays more productive. When taking some air around your city, Poseidon will bless fisheries and urchin quays, which will then produce 4 times more food than usual. If you send a prayer in his direction, he might even deliver some fish straight into your granaries.

Poseidon focuses his anger on your water-related buildings. Trireme Wharves, Urchin Quays and fisheries cannot hope to escape his wrath. When he curses these buildings, they become inoperable until the curse is lifted. Trade ships wont risk Poseidon’s wrath and wont come to your city until they are sure Poseidon has left.


Here’s the biggie. The most powerful of all Olympians, Zeus will protect your city and beat off attacks from any other god. His sanctuary comes with an oracle (like Apollo’s), and the Big Man himself can sanctify any building in your entire city. A successful prayer will result in him striking down the next army to invade your city.

Zeus wreaks general havoc. He’ll destroy the city’s Palace, then look for other buildings to crush. He can perform any god’s curse, and traders wont come to a city cursed by Zeus.