The following table lists the gods, their quests and the heroes traditionally associated with the quests. The designer of the adventure can, however, choose any hero specified in the Mythology panel to complete the quest.

To send a hero on a quest, get the hero to your city, then go to the overview tab (the one at the bottom with an angel on it). There should be a green box with the quest listed. Click on the box, select the hero and send him/her off.

God#QuestTraditional Hero
Zeus0Return the golden fleece to GreeceJason
1Fire the WeaponOdysseus
Poseidon0Recover the PalladiumOdysseus
1Retrieve the CornerstoneTheseus
Hades0Acquire his Helmet of InvisibilityPerseus
1Steal AmbrosiaTheseus
Hera0Journey to OlympusBellerophon
1Divert Zeus’ attentionJason
Demeter0Acquire the Cattle of GeryonHercules
1Harvest the Argent MaizeJason
Athena0Retrieve the Mirror ShieldPerseus
1Retrieve the Golden BridleBellerophon
Artemis0Steal the Girdle of HippolyteHercules
1Gather animals for the MenagerieAtalanta
Apollo0Rescue Theseus from HadesHercules
1Retrieve the Tablet of the PactAtalanta
Atlas0Widen the StraitHercules
1Relieve Atlas’ BurdenHercules
Ares0Acquire the Mares of DiomedesHercules
1Find the Missing PieceAtalanta
Hephaestus0Discover the Bow and Arrows of HerculesAchilles
1Sabotage the WeaponOdysseus
Aphrodite0Bring the Apples of the HesperidsHercules
1Find the Spring of YouthBellerophon
Hermes0Retrieve Hermes’ Winged SandalsPerseus
1Cripple the DefensesAchilles
Dionysus0Recover the Horn of AmaltheaTheseus
1Exploit the Drunken ChaosPerseus