To build the mighty sanctuaries for the gods in Zeus and Poseidon, you’ll need marble and money to place them, additional marble, wood and sculptures are needed to finish them. Artisans from an Artisans’ Guild will be needed to finish the structures.
On this page is an overview of what each sanctuary requires to be built, and what the benefits of that sanctuary are.

Some sanctuaries require less materials in Poseidon. If you see 2 numbers after for example marble, the first one is used in Zeus, the second in Poseidon.

Note: the Citadel of Poseidon, the Orchard of Hera and the Pillar of Atlas can only be built in Poseidon. The Promontory of Poseidon can only be built in Greek adventures, the Citadel of Poseidon only in Atlantean adventures.

Zeus’ Stronghold

Size: 24×16
Initial marble: 48
Initial money: 2920
Marble: 145 (Poseidon: 137)
Wood: 28 (Poseidon: 24)
Sculptures: 22 (Atlantean: 26)

Benefits: oracle, protection from invading gods, opinion of you in Greece improves

Buildings sanctified: any sanctifiable building

Blessing: Zeus will defeat the next army that attacks your city

Curse: Zeus destroys your Palace and other buildings randomly, and stops trade

Promontory of Poseidon

Size: 21×14
Initial marble: 37
Initial money: 2480
Marble: 103
Wood: 20
Sculptures: 12

Citadel of Poseidon

Size: 20×20
Initial marble: 32
Initial money: 2080
Marble: 231
Wood: 52
Sculptures: 2
Orichalc: 16

Benefits: Kraken defends city, fisheries and urchin quays are more productive

Buildings sanctified: urchin quay, fishery, horse ranch

Blessing: Poseidon gives city seafood

Curse: Poseidon destroys fisheries, urchin quays, piers and ships, stops sea trade and curses urchin quays, fisheries and trireme/frigate wharves

Gates of Hades

Size: 21×14
Initial marble: 37
Initial money: 1320
Marble: 140 (Poseidon: 132)
Wood: 28 (Poseidon: 24)
Sculptures: 4

Benefits: Cerberus defends city, deposits of silver ore

Buildings sanctified: tax office, mint, foundry

Blessing: Hades donates money to the city

Curse: Hades curses your Palace, foundries and mints, and kills all walkers in your city

Orchard of Hera

Size: 20×12
Initial marble: 30
Initial money: 1760
Marble: 88
Wood: 20
Sculptures: 6

Benefits: 2 stands of orange trees, increases population by making them more fertile, protection from Zeus

Buildings sanctified: corral, orange tenders’ lodge

Blessing: Hera stocks Agoras

Curse: Hera curses your corrals, turns people into cows and reduces your reputation among world leaders.

Garden of Demeter

Size: 18×12
Initial marble: 27
Initial money: 840
Marble: 110
Wood: 20
Sculptures: 10

Benefits: sanctuary is surrounded by meadow

Buildings sanctified: meadow farms

Blessing: Demeter gives city farm food

Curse: Demeter makes your land infertile, curses farms and kills sheep and goats

Arbor of Athena

Size: 16×12
Initial marble: 24
Initial money: 2160
Marble: 67 (Poseidon: 55)
Wood: 22 (Poseidon: 16)
Sculptures: 8

Benefits: a grove of olive trees, stronger soldiers, protection from invaders

Buildings sanctified: olive press, carding shed

Blessing: Athena provides olive oil and olives

Curse: Athena weakens your defenses by leaving towers unmanned and curses olive trees

Artemis’ Menagerie

Size: 16×10
Initial marble: 20
Initial money: 1520
Marble: 63
Wood: 20
Sculptures: 6

Benefits: Amazon soldiers, protection from predators

Buildings sanctified: hunting lodge

Blessing: Artemis gives city prey food

Curse: Artemis invades your city with her Amazon warriors, curses hunting lodges and makes sure wolf packs are strong

Oracle of Apollo

Size: 16×10
Initial marble: 20
Initial money: 920
Marble: 88 (Poseidon: 76)
Wood: 22 (Poseidon: 16)
Sculptures: 6

Benefits: oracle, better chance of winning games, protection from monsters

Buildings sanctified: podium, gymnasium, stadium, theater (in Atlantean adventures: bibliotheke, laboratory, observatory)

Blessing: Apollo cures plague and improves city hygiene

Curse: Apollo causes plague and curses infirmaries and culture/science buildings

Pillar of Atlas

Size: 14×14
Initial marble: 25
Initial money: 1760
Marble: 76
Wood: 20
Sculptures: 4

Benefits: stonecutters work more quickly, artisans’ guilds send out 2 artisans

Buildings sanctified: timber mill, refinery

Blessing: Atlas speeds up the construction of a sanctuary or pyramid

Curse: Atlas turns people he encounters to stone, makes it impossible to quarry (black) marble, and curses masonry shops, black marble workshops, and artisans’ guilds

Ares’ Fortress

Size: 13×8
Initial marble: 13
Initial money: 960
Marble: 44 (Poseidon: 40)
Wood: 14 (Poseidon: 12)
Sculptures: 2

Benefits: Ares’ warriors, Dragon kills invader, wolf and predator boar

Buildings sanctified: none

Blessing: Ares accompanies city’s soldiers in battles abroad

Curse: Ares invades with his companies of Sparti

Forge of Hephaestus

Size: 13×8
Initial marble: 13
Initial money: 760
Marble: 48 (Poseidon: 44)
Wood: 14 (Poseidon: 12)
Sculptures: 6

Benefits: deposits of copper ore, no risk of fire

Buildings sanctified: sculpture studio, armory

Blessing: Talos arrives to defend city

Curse: Hephaestus sets fire to some of your buildings, and curses armories and sculpture studios

Aphrodite’s Haven

Size: 14×6
Initial marble: 11
Initial money: 720
Marble: 41 (Poseidon: 37)
Wood: 14 (Poseidon: 12)
Sculptures: 6

Benefits: no emigration, appeal of city increases, protection from Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes and Dionysus

Buildings sanctified: housing

Blessing: Aphrodite increases population

Curse: Aphrodite entrances all walkers in the city and takes them with her, as well as a portion of your population

Hermes’ Refuge

Size: 12×6
Initial marble: 9
Initial money: 640
Marble: 39 (Poseidon: 35)
Wood: 14 (Poseidon: 12)
Sculptures: 2

Benefits: deliverymen, trade ships and caravans move faster, trade partners visit more frequently

Buildings sanctified: none

Blessing: Hermes fulfills an outstanding request

Curse: Hermes steals part of your treasure and stops land trade

Grove of Dionysus

Size: 10×6
Initial marble: 8
Initial money: 400
Marble: 35 (Poseidon: 31)
Wood: 14 (Poseidon: 12)
Sculptures: 2

Benefits: a grove of grapevines, no unrest in the city

Buildings sanctified: winery

Blessing: Satyrs give city wine

Curse: Dionysus takes all people he encounters with him, and curses your grapevines