Establishing Goals

Part II

Episode 1… Starting your quest to achieve the final goals.

The first episode of your adventure is the take off point of all things to come. The player will begin by reading the intro to your adventure, and then they will read the intro to the first episode. Make sure that any important tips or tricks for future episodes are somewhat revealed in this text, as the player will most certainly pay attention to these first two tales you provide. If the information given in the first two areas is too vague, or not of any importance, the player will probably ignore your written efforts later in the game.

Now looking back to our guidelines and understanding where we want the adventure to end it will be fairly easy to set up the first set of goals. Remember to set up all of the resources etc. for the entire adventure, and keep track of them on paper. If you allow a player to dig marble from a quarry for e.g. Make sure it is available to dig, and also that you make it available throughout the adventure.

Your first episode will start off something like this.

  1. Population 1200
  2. Set aside x amount of marble for colony
  3. Produce 20 sheaves of wheat in one yr.

Okay, now the goals for the first episode are set. Fairly easy and straight forward. In your story line you may mention the need to set aside items etc. for future expansion of your empire. You may let the player know that others are in great need of marble or wheat etc. By doing this and setting goals, which seem rather easy, you may now add a small twist to the goals that were set. Plan a request event every year or so to request marble. Have this request large enough to force the player to build more than would normally be needed to produce the marble required. Only have food and Olive oil available. Now the player must build a large enough area of housing to provide the workers needed for the marble, and wheat, as well as consider building growers lodges for olives. The olives are in no demand, and producing olive oil is pointless without fleece. Let them ponder the thought.