Establishing Goals

Part III

On to episode 2.

You have established the small community and the player are now faced with new tasks. Remember we are heading to the final goals we laid out originally.

  1. Produce 36 Olive oil in one year
  2. Build a sanctuary to Hermes
  3. Population of 2000
  4. Slay a monster

Now for that olive situation. If the player was smart, they may have started producing olive oil in the first episode. But now that you are in the second episode you may test their forethought. Set up two or three high requests for olive oil near the beginning of the episode. If the player did plan ahead, great. And if not, they may lose favor with one or more of their alleys because you cannot meet the requests. Have these same Ally’s now offering to trade more fleece. Make it now available. But if the player had missed delivery on Olive oil, they will have to buy the item rather than request it, to get things moving. The slay monster event is also a good way of slowing progress. Do not place the monster in an area that would be considered as prime land for a city. That will only annoy the player. Place the monster, in the marble pit. Or near the meadowlands. Allow the players a chance to get through things at all times, but make the goals progressively more challenging.

Okay I have started you off with two episodes, of what would eventually be a 4 or 5 episode adventure. Play with the ideas; plan your goals and most of all. Have fun.

I am sure you expected to see the entire adventure laid out for you, but hey…. that would leave you no fun. 🙂