The Parent Trap

Part 2

Spawning grounds are a key to players being able to hunt, and there placement is very important to the looks and feel of the map. Place your meat resources near wooded and rocky areas. Not out in the open. This will give the player the most pleasure for viewing and will give the hunters the most challenge for catching the resource. If you are placing wolves on the map, try not to place them too close to your spawning grounds. Wolves will kill boar before your hunters arrive and thus starving your people.

Another important thing to consider is where to place monster invasion points. First of all if you do not place the monster invasion point on your map, the monster point will default to the entry point you assigned to your population and trade. This can pose a problem if the monster kills everything entering your city. So place invasion points near resources you may want to block from players etc.

One last note here is the sea entry points. If you place your entry and exit points at or near the same location and then have Kraken defending the seas you will see little action. Kraken patrols the sea based on your entry and exit points. Placing them on two sides of your map will allow Kraken to travel all over your seas.

Through all of your parent city development keep in mind that terrain also plays a huge role in pleasing the players of your adventure. An excellent adventure consists of a great story line, a great deal of planning, and a great looking map. I have seen some fantastic stories loose their zip due to maps that showed little effort. If you have set up a population requirement, make sure that the requirement is reachable, but only just reachable. Remember that you can pack a lot of people into housing that is developed up to a townhouse, but you would require a lot more space if you did not allow fleece or some sort of culture. All of these things become important in the planning of your city map.

Okay now that I have gone this far I am going to show you a couple of things to keep in mind when designing your map. I like to start out by adding the water to the map. Water is the lowest level for your map and should be placed first to avoid problems later on.

When laying out your water, try to avoid repeated tiles. It takes away the realism of the map. Also try to avoid collections of tiny inlets. Take a look at the image on the right to see what I mean.

On the left is the after look of the same water area.