The Parent Trap

Part 3

Next lets look at land. Raising land is a great way to add depth to your map, but can also look bad if you do not spend the time needed to clean it up. The editor does exactly what you do with your mouse so if you raise land in straight strokes, your land will look the same. Try to be a little bit loose with your mouse and allow land to curve and sway.

On the left is a small hill that has been placed on the map with little effort. Now if you take that same hill and add a bit of depth to it, you will end up with something resembling this hill in the center.

This will give your users a better feel for the map. Next you need to add features to the hill to create the realistic picture you wish to portrait. Something along the line of the picture on the right adds to the fun of the adventure.

If you take all of these simple tips and spend a bit of time you will see that using the editor can be a lot of fun. Remember to spend time on your maps. No need to hurry, because a well-polished product will be much more enjoyable than a hurried product.

Have fun all.