Gustavia’s Gazette: Peloponnesian War

In Which Your Reporter Discovers Auto-Defend

In this adventure we start on a big map of Sparta. Your immigrants and land traders arrive from the North on the larger land mass. There is a river and an Island, but I only built on the larger side.

Sparta- 1st episode gets you feeding and fleecing your population in Homesteads. Boar hunting is a quick way to get them fed, and you can start some limited wheat farming. Buy or beg a bit of fleece from Corinth, but if you are careful with your money it will make the next one easier. I chose to meet the basic requirements and not start any extensive trade or industry in this episode.

Sparta- 2nd episode. You can make a fast effort to throw up Ares Sanctuary so you will have his warriors and help for the invasions from Olympia. Get your Palace up early if you didn’t in the last episode so you can call those Rock Throwers out to help. I was importing expense bronze to make sculptures to sell and didn’t have enough money to pay the bribe when I used Auto-defend in desperation. It worked so well for me, I used it during the rest of the Adventure and saved myself all that money I had been paying out on Bribes. And you still get the nice monument for winning.

If you are going to use Auto-defend, it has to be turned on before you get the one-month invasion warning notice. … And my generals did a fine job of defending the city. When you get a break from defending the city, send the Ares warriors off to conquer Olympia. Corinth was willing to go with me, as I had been nice to them.

Sparta- 3rd episode. This time you need to set aside some goods for the future colony and build another Sanctuary. I chose Artemis because of the Mythical Warriors that are available. As it is a War Adventure, I figured they would come in handy. If your wheat production is excessive, then Thermopopylai is amenable to giving your bronze in exchange of gifts of wheat. You will get some requests for military assistance during this episode, and I tried to help as I thought I would need my allies to return the favor later. Ah, but the Greek World is fickle and today’s friends are often enemies tomorrow.

The olive tribute from Olympia allows you to produce your own oil. Get your Elite block set up if you didn’t in the previous episode and start making armor for hoplites. Sardi is the threat this time around, and you will be attacked by sea a couple of times. Again, I used the auto-defend feature and just had a front row seat while my generals defeated those fancy dressed Persians.

I wanted to stay in Sparta to make some money for colony building, so I sent my Mythical warriors off to conquer Sardi and get that annoyance out of the way. Dionysus wasn’t much of a problem, either Ares or Artemis ran him off before he could seduce my citizens with his wine-song. I did have both Sanctuaries near his entrance point, so it was easy for them to intercept him.