Gustavia’s Gazette: Peloponnesian War

Part 2

Colony – either Taras or Ithaca

Taras was my choice and I started with almost 30,000 drachmae in the treasury. Actually, I like this colony and haven’t found it too difficult at Hero level. The first thing you notice is the map is rather small. A second look confirms that it is not just small, it is very small. So, forget about the optional Sanctuary. It isn’t required, there is no room and I don’t think marble is easy to come by out here in the boondocks, anyway.

Your immigrants and traders arrive from the southwest part of the map. I just used the main land mass and one of the nearby meadow islands. You can fish and hunt so getting an initial population isn’t much of a problem. I had one dense block of common housing and left room next to it for my Elite block. Down by the entrance I started up some vineyards to produce wine and made a bit of oil with the tribute from Olympia. Sheep and herders were out on the island, except for the time they were underwater due to frequent tidal waves. Because of limited real estate, I put the Palace and a maintenance office up on the elevated area above the city.

Once you can call Hercules to do the quest, Odessos is discovered and ready to be conquered. I sent Hercules, 1 horse troop, 3 companies of hoplites and used Sparta as an ally and it was a done deal.

Sparta 5th episode – This one has you conquering anybody not yet under Sparta’s rule and 50 people living in Estates. To have success conquering you need some horsemen, so actually one requirement takes care of the other. When I returned I had 8 Elite houses that needed a few more horses. Maybe it was because I was so rich, but all my rivals (and potential victims) were respectful. The economy was taking care of itself at this time, and I stayed very busy picking an ally to help me attack a rival, helping my friends with sending troops or warriors for their own military needs and fighting off repeated attacks on my home territory. It was a logistical nightmare, not knowing if my troops would return in time to fight off an announced invasion. Ares and Artemis helped more after I made a loop of road from the Sanctuaries down to a favorite invasion spot so they were more likely to be in the area. If you haven’t conquered any of these cities in previous episodes, you could find yourself attacking them as they are attacking you.

Don’t forget to send gifts to the newly conquered. You might want their help in a year or two and you won’t waste any time or resources putting down rebellions.

In summary, it is a great adventure with lots of flexibility in your overall strategy. You could do a bit more conquering in Episode 3 and of course, you can fight all your home battles yourself if you so desire.