Gustavia’s Gazette: Perseus and Medusa

In Which Heroes and Sanctuaries Abound
And You Meet Some New Monsters

Our adventure begins in Argos. It is a rather large map with a raised area in the middle, the river along the south side and some marble sources tucked up in the Northwest corner. The immigrants enter from the Southwest. There are two large meadow areas.

Argos- 1st episode sets some small goals and gets you started on fleece production. You can fish, and because I am always so paranoid about food in the Greek World, I had some extra stored up before I met my goals.

Argos- 2nd episode requires you to further expand your economy by mining marble and starting an oil industry. I used a bit of the sheep meadow for the olive oil industry and set the marble up near the source and the exit point of the map. All the trade is land based, which is rather fortunate since Poseidon has decided he doesn’t like you very much. Those extra fish will come in handy. I had enough workers, so I built my Palace and started taxing the citizens. Even though Sanctuaries to Hermes and Zeus are available in this episode, I didn’t get around to starting either one. Once you meet your goals, you can set off to establish a colony. Might be a good idea to put off leaving until you have a bit of money. Colony making can be quite expensive…and challenging.

You have two choices, and which ever one you pick now, you will do the other one later.

Calydon as the first colony. I would suggest the first thing you do is save your game as Calydon-org. It is one of those episodes where about halfway through, you will say, geeezz… this is all wrong. I should have done this or that or even that other thing.

You can grow grapes and sell lots and lots of wine. Timber yards are available. You can feed your folks with boar meat and cheese. Elite housing is available, one of the cities will sell you armor if you want to go that way. It is a nice map, immigrants coming from the south and two elevated meadows. So what could be the challenge to this?

You get visited by the Most Terrible Awful Calydonian Boar, trade income is an on-off situation and you get invaded by Ethiopia regularly. At least that is what happened to me.

Here is how I played it, and it is only one strategy. Being a coward and hating the fighting part, I knew I had to have some money set aside for the bribes. I got my block up and asked the parent city for enough fleece and oil to get them going. If you put off building the required Sanctuary to Hermes till after you have called the Hero to dispatch the Boar, you can sell a lot of wine while the Sanctuary is building and come out with a fair bit of change to take back to the colony. I even begged for the statues I needed, but you could pay for them. If you like the fighting, and want to do the Elite housing, then you might want to stick around and build Dionysus’s and or Athena’s Sanctuaries. Up to you.