Gustavia’s Gazette: Perseus and Medusa

Part 2

Returning to Argos for the 4th episode When I returned, I got serious about my Sanctuary building and got Athena up and blessing those olive industries. Hermes goes pretty quickly and I got an Elite Housing block laid out with just Residences. I asked Calydon for some sculpture, but mostly imported it two at a time. Taxes should be making you some income and you can sell all the fleece you want. Perseus is needed for the Quests, and a little later on, The Boar that Refuses to Die menaces Calydon again. I was working on calling Theseus, but had neglected my wine industry so was short a bit of wine. Perseus wasn’t doing anything at the moment, so I sent him. Poseidon comes back, Ethiopia invades… as I didn’t have any armor and hadn’t figured out how to move the Rabble around, you guessed it, I paid the bribe. Still, I had lots of money when I left to do my next colony.

Miletos- 2nd colony. This map has the immigrants coming from the Southwest, several spots of boars and fishing available. Not a lot of useable coastline, too many beaches. You can mint money, which can help, but export opportunities are very limited. I set up one block and started taxing early. The parent city will give you fleece and you can easily get the houses up to Apartments on that. You can chop timber, but so can everyone else in the Greek World, so it isn’t very useful as gifts. I got a lot of marble gifts and even imported some from Argos in the very early years. Once Kraken comes to visit, you might as well forget about sea trade and fishing. Athena’s Sanctuary provided me with oil for my houses, and then I built Hermes so I could call Perseus. I went ahead and built the Dionysus Sanctuary since I kept receiving so many marble gifts. If you are strapped for money, the Hades one might be a better choice if you want to stick around and do 3. Once Perseus kills Kraken you should be home free to finish up the requirements. A little cautionary note: A completion requirement is 16 units of wheat, which can only be imported from a foreign city, Egypt. It is discovered after Kraken comes to disrupt your sea trade, and I left the importing of wheat until the end. And my priests kept snitching it for sacrifices. Just in case you wonder why it is disappearing. Ruling Ethiopia didn’t take much effort but if you are conquered by them in the early years, it might be a whole different story.

Argos – 6th episode. I had lots of marble because it was too much trouble to sell it, so I started on Zeus Sanctuary right away. I had all my Sanctuaries around the Northwest part of the sparse meadow. With two colonies and a vassal sending tribute of grapes, wood and bronze, you should have all you need to make a nice city. The Infamous Undead Boar bothers Calydon again, and since this time I had the wine Theseus got to do the deed. Dionysus was my 4th required Sanctuary, and he helped with the wine production. When the Medusa showed up, Perseus took his time finding her and I did have a few folks turned to stone. I was so busy reading “I love you notes” from my friends that I missed the big battle. You can now trade by sea with your new colony and vassal. You will need 16 horsemen for part of the final requirements, and I made a 15 Estates block, but 4 Estates will satisfy the goal. It takes a while for the horse trainer and arms vendor to distribute the wares, so I had one grand agora plus a smaller common one doing double duty to speed things up. No natural disasters befell me, but you never can tell about Greece. Rumors are earthquakes can happen when you least expect it.