Impressions Games: Atlantis Reborn

Official walkthrough written by Impressions Games

» Episode I: Reconstruction


  • 800 People in Townhouse or better
  • 40 People in Residence or better
  • Support 3 Frigates

Hints & Tips
Reconstruction is the start of what will soon be a very large city that you build in your effort to restore peace and prosperity to the kingdom of Atlantis. The key to this adventure is making sure you have a steady flow of income from either trade or taxation.

You may use up all your initial money when starting, but don’t worry. Your allies and vassals will give gifts of money when you are in debt. Try to establish your palace and tax office as early as possible so that at least your worker wages are covered by your taxes.

Your main source of food at the start should be from Urchin Quays. Set some up north of the bay and build a granary to store urchins. They are better than oranges for now because they give a steady flow of food versus a once a year crop.

Set up trading Piers to Tyre and Carthage. Tyre allows you to import grapes, which you can turn into wine for export at Carthage (2 or 3 Wineries should be enough for the job). Tyre also exports bronze, which you can use to make armor for your frigates and elite housing. You will want to keep your import level low for now, as bronze is fairly expensive.

Carthage sells fleece, which you cannot make, and it will be your only source for this episode. Finally, build a trading Pier to Memphis to import olive oil. It is important to watch your import levels, as money will be short. The best approach is to import a small, steady supply of necessary resources, such as two fleece and two olive oil at a time. This should support your population while minimizing the cost.

Your city should be slowly increasing its labor pool, so begin placing your science buildings to support higher levels of common housing. With enough science, fleece, food and olive oil, your city will reach its Townhouse requirement in no time. If you have lots of unemployment, now would be a good time to build a couple of timber mills and at least one armory to start supplying the materials needed for frigates.

You can also start using excess labor to mine black marble in the quarry to the west in the southern continent, but don’t forget to build a bridge. Build a trading post to Gades to export black marble for some extra funds. Throughout this episode Syracuse pays tribute in marble and Knossos in meat.

Now begin planning your elite housing strip. This will satisfy your Residence housing requirement once people move in and you have enough science in the area.

Once your common and elite housing are set, you should have enough unemployment to start the final phase of building frigates. If you have 300+ unemployment, then you can build 3 frigates at the same time. Otherwise, build a Frigate Wharf, and once it’s complete send the workers home by right-clicking on the frigate and sending the crew home. Build the next one, and repeat this process. The frigates do not have to be staffed in order to fulfill the Episode goals; you just need to build them.

You should now be ready to move on to episode 2.

» Episode 2: The Greater Mediterranean Co-Prosperity Sphere


  • Rule Carthage
  • 2000 people in Townhouse or better
  • 120 people in Mansion or better
  • Pyramid

Hints & Tips
Episode two is your first taste of battle in this adventure, and your first foray into pyramid construction. You will need to build up your elite housing so you have enough spearmen or charioteers to conquer the threatening Carthaginians.

Your treasury should still have money in it, but you’ll want to make more. There are a few ways to do this. Taxing the elite housing will allow you to bring in more profit than what you are spending in workers’ wages. Start selling wine to Gades (Carthage will also buy wine after you conquer them). Saqqara will start buying armor about two years into the episode, but make sure you have enough for your elite housing to evolve into Mansions.

Between selling armor to Saqqara and wine to Gades and/or Carthage, you should finally be turning a sizeable profit. As always, black marble is another good export for Gades. All this should help fund your construction and the import of needed goods, while keeping you debt free. In this episode Saqqara’s tribute is marble and Memphis’ tribute is wheat.

Carthage is your only source of fleece until Lixus begins to sell it, about 9 months into the episode. Without fleece your housing will devolve? workers will be needed? industry grinds to halt? you know the drill, it’s not a pretty picture. You may need to keep a closer eye on your fleece usage during this brief shortage.

Invading Carthage may take a couple of tries, but keep at it, and be sure to send all your troops, frigates, and any ally that’s willing to help (Knossos and Syracuse are loyal colonies with decent military strength). If you want some more help from your navy, import a few loads of orichalc from Atlantis and they will be delivered to your Frigates. Frigates that can launch Atlantean Fire have greater attack strength than normal Frigates.

The armor and wine will also help evolve the elite housing into Manors, which will allow more people to live there and satisfy your elite housing goal.

Place as many orange trees as your money will allow and build some Orange Growers’ Lodges between your first and second housing blocks. These oranges will provide the main source of food for the second housing block and supplement the urchins for the first housing block.

Now turn your attention to building the pyramid. The black marble and wood should be no problem as they’re produced at your existing industries. The marble can be imported from Saqqara and Syracuse or use the tribute you received earlier from them. The orichalc can be imported from Atlantis.

» Episode 3: Night Falls on Atlantis


  • Rule Argos
  • Fulfill a forthcoming quest
  • 3000 people in Townhouse or better
  • 200 people in Mansion or better
  • Sanctuary to Atlas

Hints & Tips
First of all, build another elite housing block very close to your first one. This will more than satisfy your elite housing requirement as well as give you more troops and more tax money. Your common housing requirement should already be met, but even if it is, you’ll want to build more common housing to provide enough workers for your growing economy and industries.

Now that you’ve successfully opened markets in Egypt, it’s time to start importing cheaper raw goods, instead of the more costly finished product. Lower your olive oil imports (although you may want to maintain a small import level as a safety precaution), and begin importing olives. Build two or three olive presses to supply your city, and when you feel comfortable you can increase your olive imports and begin exporting excess olive oil to other Atlantean cities. Also, Tyre will begin buying sculpture in this episode, providing yet another opportunity for profit for the crafty trader.

Once you have enough marble and money, place the foundation for Atlas’ Sanctuary and start construction. If you don’t want to spend much money, you can wait for yearly tributes of marble for the initial phase of construction. In the meantime, you should have a steady supply of wood from your Timber Mills and you can create sculptures from the imported bronze (you only need to import four bars of bronze at a time for now, but can store more at a Storehouse for future sanctuaries or sell excess to Tyre for more money). Let this construction happen while you are dealing with the other affairs of the city.

While you’re waiting for your military forces to build up, send some raids against Argos to accomplish two things: weaken their defenses and obtain a supply of fleece or wine. If you raid them too much, however, they may get hostile and send an invasion to your city. If this happens, your Frigates armed with Atlantean Fire should be able to sink their transports before they reach land.

In the case of an invasion, make sure all your Frigate Wharves have workers and set them to attack. Direct them to where the enemy transports are and watch your frigates sink them before they even reach your shores.

Now would be a good time to begin chariot construction. Chariot Factories require a steady supply of wood and horses, so build a horse ranch a short distance from your elite housing. Memphis is already supplying you with wheat, and you have your own wood, so chariot construction should begin shortly after placing the ranch and factory.

Once you have roughly 4 companies of charioteers and your three frigates equipped with Atlantean Fire, try to conquer Argos. If you don’t succeed at first, rebuild and try again.

During this time of waiting for the quest to appear and the sanctuary to finish, begin building multiple granaries for each housing block (elite or common) you have and store the numerous oranges you are growing. If you need more workers, build a common housing block on the southern continent near the fertile meadowland and grow even more oranges there. The oracle has hinted at tough times in the future for Cleitos, so you may want to begin stockpiling food, preferably away from the sometimes unpredictable ocean waters.

About 2 years into the episode, Atlas will ask you to summon Hercules to relieve him of his world-carrying duties. Hercules requirements are:

  • Excellent science access
  • A working Hippodrome
  • Excellent city-wide observatory access
  • 1500 people in the city
  • 32 amphorae of wine

Excellent science access requires inventors, scholars, astronomers, and curators to pass by his Hall. You’ll need a completed Hippodrome of any length, but the bigger it is the more income it will produce. Especially large Hippodromes will also attract the attention of the world, and make you a little more popular with your allies. Make sure that an astronomer works in every housing block (elite and common). Either import the wine from Atlantis or Argos or stockpile the wine you make from grapes.

When you meet all the requirements, you can summon Hercules and send him on the quest. However, you may want to wait and let your treasury grow to a good size (about 20000+dr) in anticipation of the upcoming colony episode.

At this point, you will choose a site for your first colony (don’t worry, you’ll get to build the other one later). Malaca will provide Atlantis with wheat, fleece and wine, but the city will be vulnerable to attack later on. Thera provides an opportunity to jump right into strengthening your military. If you feel that you don’t have the monetary resources needed to establish a military stronghold, then choose Malaca. In this walkthrough, Malaca will be examined first.

» Episode 4: Hope Among the Ruins (Malaca Colony)


  • 64 sheaves of wheat for parent city
  • 64 skeins of fleece for parent city
  • 64 amphorae of wine for parent city

Hints & Tips
Start by building a common housing block north of the beach along the southern coastline. Build a Granary and a couple of Urchin Quays to the west of the beach and build a few Carding Sheds. Place a Pier to the east of the beach and import olives from Syracuse or Memphis, and build Olive Presses to produce olive oil. Soon your housing should evolve to Townhouse level and you should have plenty of workers. Don’t feel compelled to evolve to high level houses though- all you really need from Malaca is wheat, fleece, and wine.

The Harpy will attack when you start but she will stay by the wooded area east of the north pond. You do not need to build Atalanta’s Hall because the Harpy does not need to be killed to complete the episode, but feel free to take her out if she’s becoming a hassle.

While your housing block is evolving, Mycenae will launch an attack in about 10 months from the start of the episode. If you feel you can’t win, bribe them.

Now start building Wheat Farms on the meadowland to the west and build two Storehouses to hold the 64 sheaves. Build more Carding Sheds (about eight total) and two Storehouses for the 64 fleece. Cover the entire southeastern hill with grapevines. Build about three or four Growers’ Lodges and about six to eight Wineries, depending on your labor, and two Storehouses for the 64 wine. In about one to two years, you should have all the requirements met.

» Episode 5: Benevolent Ares


  • Fulfill a forthcoming quest
  • Monument to the Sky
  • Sanctuary to Ares
  • 4000 people in Townhouse or better
  • 280 people in Manor or better

Hints & Tips
Building a Pyramid and Ares’ Fortress should pose no problem, especially since you have the help of Atlas’ blessing. Start those two projects right away, one after the other, and let them run their course until finished. Also, begin building Artemis’ Menagerie and importing/requesting meat from Lixus and Thera in order to fulfill a requirement for Atalanta’s Hall.

During this time of conquest, you should complete your pyramid and Ares’ Fortress. A few years in, Ares will issue you the quest for Atalanta. Her requirements are:

  • A sanctuary to Artemis
  • A working museum
  • 32 sides of meat
  • 32 planks of wood
  • 8 companies of soldiers

As always, keep an eye on your imports. Money shouldn’t be a problem, but remember to check the world map every once in awhile to ensure that you’re importing raw goods whenever possible (olives, grapes, bronze) and exporting finished goods whenever possible (olive oil, wine, armor, sculpture).

Now, you’ll get to establish a second colony. Since Malaca has already been discussed, Thera will be discussed next.

» Episode 6: Just When You Thought It Was Safe (Thera Colony)


  • Support 3 Frigates
  • Support 32 Spearmen or better
  • Sanctuary to Ares

Hints & Tips
Thera is the most challenging of the two colony episodes. Right away, your colony of Knossos disappears forever, a new Greek rival Mycenae appears and your foreign vassals get conquered by rivals. What a way to start a colony!

First, examine the terrain. Along the northern coastline, you will have enough room for three Frigate Wharves and two Piers. You have fertile meadowland near the beach and to the west. There are also deer to the southeast and northwest and some boar to the southwest.

Create your common housing block in between the two fertile meadowland patches and as close to the coastline as possible without interfering with the construction of Piers and Frigate Wharves (stay away from hills in the southwest, that volcanic looking mountain seems suspicious). Begin your fleece and meat industries by building a few Carding Sheds and Hunting Lodges.

If you saved up enough money, build Piers to Cleitos and Syracuse. Cleitos will provide wood and armor for your frigates, elite housing, and Ares Fortress. Syracuse will provide olives for olive oil. Begin stockpiling armor and wood and make olive oil.

When your oil industry is up and running, your common housing will be at Townhouse level and you should have lots of unemployed labor. Build a few Masonry Shops to quarry marble for Ares’ Fortress. If you’re low on funds, build more Carding Sheds to produce lots of fleece for export to Syracuse & Cleitos, and for gifts to the following cities:

  • Atlantis, so that you can later request orichalc and wine.
  • Cleitos, so that you can later request armor and wood.

Start building your three Frigate Wharves (all at the same time if you have enough labor), and request some orichalc from Atlantis so that the frigates can launch Atlantean Fire. Begin laying out the groundwork for your eight elite houses (four spearmen/Mansion) by placing your Agora and making sure that the area has high appeal. Finally, select a space for your sanctuary and build a few Artisans’ Guilds to start construction.

While waiting for your forces to build up, expect attacks from Mycenae, Mt. Aulip, and Mt. Pelion. Your frigates should be able to stop most of the transports and your archers should be able to handle the rest.

To finish Ares Fortress you can get bronze to make sculptures in 3 ways.

  • Raid Tyre or Saqqara for bronze.
  • Conquer them and import the bronze.
  • Give Tyre or Saqqara any excess goods you have (usually fleece) until you can request bronze from them.

Once you have finished the sanctuary and have 32 spearmen, the colony is finished. You can conquer all the Egyptian and Phoenician rivals if you are willing and able, but this can be easier once you are back in your parent city, with your charioteers and Atlantean Fire-launching frigates.

» Episode 7: Defending Atlantis


  • Rule Mt. Aulip
  • Rule Carthage
  • Rule Memphis
  • Major Shrine to Poseidon
  • 5000 people in Townhouse or better
  • 340 people in Manor or better

Hints & Tips
Depending on how much conquering you did in previous episodes, you may have most if not all of the required cities conquered. The housing goals may also be completed from previous episodes, but if not, either build more housing blocks or evolve the ones you already have.

The Mycenaean stronghold is too strong to assault yet, but your powerful Atlantean army and fleet should be able to conquer all the other rivals.

Another pyramid is needed: place it to send the artisans to work. You should be able to either create or import all the necessary materials. Pray to Atlas every time he is willing to help so you can to complete this pyramid as quickly as possible.

During this episode, the land around Cleitos slowly begins sinking into the sea. You will have to do some readjustment when you find the waterline a lot closer to your housing than it was before, but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal at this point.

Your extra Granaries should hold you over until your urchin industry is back, and there should still be suitable spots for Piers on the new coastline. As for your frigates, there should be space for two wharves on the southern continent in between the marsh and the beach. Rebuild them here as you will need them for summoning a hero in the last episode.

Before you complete the Major Shrine to Poseidon to end the episode (you can stop building by right-clicking on the pyramid and clicking on Halt Construction), make sure that your orange industry in the southern continent is in full production and is connected to the northern continent.

» Episode 8: Defending Atlantis


  • Fulfill a forthcoming quest
  • Rule Mycenae
  • Rule Mt. Pelion
  • Temple of Olympus
  • 5500 people in Townhouse or better
  • 400 people in Estate or better

Hints & Tips
This is it, the final episode! Your housing requirements should be already met. If not, build more!

Go conquer Mt. Pelion if you haven’t already. Mycenae cannot be conquered until the Quest from Hera is complete, so don’t even think about it.

Start construction on the Temple of Olympus. About 2 months into the episode, Hera asks that Jason complete her quest. Jason’s Hall requires the following:

  • 3 frigates
  • 2 charioteer companies
  • 64 crates of food
  • 8 horses
  • 16 amphorae of wine

Summon Jason as early as possible so the quest can be completed. Once Zeus is distracted, Mycenae will be vulnerable to attack and can finally be conquered by your army.

A little over a year into the episode the final flood occurs which wipes out your northern continent’s orange groves. The good side, however, is that the mouth of the river separating the continents is now open. This opens up room for lots of trading Piers and Urchin Quays along the banks of the river.

You can spend the remaining time waiting for the Temple of Olympus to complete by building up your trade and urchin industries along the newly accessible river and conquer any remaining cities that are still rivals.

Congratulations! Atlantis is safe and will enter a new Golden Age under your guidance and leadership!