Impressions Games: Enlightenment in the West

Official walkthrough written by Impressions Games

» Episode 1: Westward Ho!


  • 48 slabs of marble for colony
  • 20 jugs of olive oil for colony
  • 1200 people in Townhouse or better

Hints & Tips
Although this land offers several large expanses on which to build your neighborhoods, your immediate needs are best served by building residences in the southeast quadrant.

You’ll soon need fleece imports to keep your city growing. Build a straight main road from your neighborhood through the southernmost meadows, the small mountain pass (between the marble quarries), and towards the sea. This will provide an excellent avenue for much needed food and imports of fleece, wood, and bronze, and a path to sell marble to Diapraea and orichalc to Atlantis, to pay for these imports.

The northernmost meadow should be reserved for wheat farms, which will support only a medium-sized population. The southern patch of meadowland is excellent for olive trees, and nearby Growers’ Lodges and presses can be built on a spur off your main road. With a steady flow of olive oil, you should be able to evolve your city’s housing quickly and amass enough oil for your colony requirement.

Marble is not needed by your neighborhood and is best quarried by Masonry Shops at the southwestern end of this main road. This keeps them close to Piers for quick export. A few Storehouses here will hold your marble for your colony requirement.

If you’re feeling aggressive, hold off on setting aside all your goals until you’ve completed the Pillar of Atlas. Although not a requirement in this episode, Atlas is always helpful to have around for completing large construction projects in later episodes. Import or, better yet, request wood and sculpture from your allies. Extra wood and sculptures can be sold for a nice profit. Make sure to build your orichalc Refineries near the Pillar of Atlas so that they receive Atlas’ blessings!

It may be best to avoid establishing a huge population at this stage, as your limited food resources won’t support it, and importing food, although inexpensive, is unnecessary at this point.

Once you complete this episode, you will get to build your choice of four colonies. In all in this adventure, you will found a total of three colonies, so one will remain a mystery to you?at least until you replay the adventure again.

Your choices are Copan, Biminis, Cuello and Ianira. It’s wisest to choose Copan or Biminis first. Copan, with its abundant supplies of silver ore, offers a great opportunity to build up your coffers. If you choose Biminis, trade will open up with the Oceanids, from whom you can buy lots and lots of urchins if you need more food. Cuello also offers you a great opportunity to earn some money, but there are troublemakers in the area that you may need to bribe. Ianira is blessed with many raw materials, but is lacking some of the basic supplies that people need to live. It’s easiest to play Copan or Biminis first. Cuello and Ianira will be discussed later.

» Episode 2a: In the Name of Science (Copan Colony)


  • Observatory Kosmika
  • 1000 people in Townhouse or better

Hints & Tips
Seemingly ripe with lush forests, edible wildlife, and an abundance of silver and bronze, Copan is a perfect tropical paradise. Its water inlet is excellent to expand your transatlantic import/export business.

Only a few unwelcome guests and natural instability will need to be tolerated for you to do your job here. But hey, it’s better than giant mosquitoes and malaria!

The Calydonian Boar will pay a visit to his cousins living in the southeast corner of the play area almost immediately. Although you don’t need to evict this unpleasant neighbor to complete the episode, the silver he guards is quite tempting. Theseus’ modest summoning requirements are well worth the investment.

Your residential quarter should be safe in most areas. Building it close to your water inlet makes the most sense, as once again, the growth of your city will depend on importing goods: this time, oil and fleece. Obviously, building your neighborhood far from the Boar’s romping grounds is wise. As you have no rival city enemies, there’s little reason to build elite housing.

Your city will live off of the meat of the land: Hunting Lodges will get you started, but Corrals will keep your people sated.

Just as in the first episode, Diapraea is your best friend. The bulk of the Observatory Kosmika will require the precious black marble that only they can supply. And supply it they do: keep an eye on imports, as buying too much marble at once can quickly drain your monetary resources, and supply will increase over the course of this episode.

Start building the Observatory Kosmika early. It’s a monument-al undertaking, and the sooner you start, the sooner you get on to bigger and better? monuments!

Autoch will give you the supplies you set aside in the first episode (oil and marble). Autoch may also grant marble requests throughout the episode. As your parent city, they’re a bit more obliged to give you what you need.

Your new neighbors, Palanque and Tikal may not seem like much at first, but Tikal’s supply of bronze can quickly be crafted into a fine sculpture and arms export business: For some reason Azium is very interested in both of these commodities. The wily Oceanids of Xilyuf will also buy your sculpture. Chances are this will be the best source of income in this episode.

After a couple years, the prankster Hephaestus will start his regular invasions from the north. Apparently he wants the Mayans for himself! If you’re relying on armor and sculpture trade to keep you going, make sure you budget for the occasional interruption that Hephaestus causes: he’ll quickly target your Sculpture Studios and Armories to curse or destroy them, and anything in the way will just upset him more. Once you see the path he takes towards these structures, keep other buildings off of this path, or watch them tumble as he makes his regular trek towards his target.

Around the same time as Hephaestus’ first visit, the heat will turn up a bit, literally! Watch for lava flows in the northeast. Fortunately, there’s little reason to build here, and if you did, the small flow should cause minimal damage. Also avoid building close to the high cliffs due east of the inlet.

With a bit of perseverance, by the time you’ve completed this episode, you should have fattened up your coffers.

» Episode 2b: Water, Water and Urchins (Biminis Colony)


  • Sanctuary to Aphrodite
  • Population of 2000
  • Find the Spring of Youth

Hints & Tips
Biminis is a great choice if you need to expand your trading partners beyond what you already have. It essentially becomes a trading center to establish more of a relationship with the Oceanids, which if you don’t take this episode, will not become available to trade with. These include Fivmnal and Yehm.

Your immediate goal is to establish residences and a food supply. Build a medium sized neighborhood in the southeast, and bridge out to the island in the center. This is your closest supply of food. Make sure to leave space for a bridge connecting this island to the large island to the north for later expansion. Beware that on easier levels, this large population will be difficult to employ fully, and people don’t like to stick around if there’s no work!

Your primary exports will be wood and wine. Your parent city will give you plenty of marble for the sanctuary, all you need then is to import or request six sculptures. There are a few good places for the sanctuary, the best of which may be near the meadowland on the southern island.

You will get requests for wine, which you can produce, or if you’re feeling lazy and/or are well established, buy and then give away.

As you require more food, establish more Urchin Quays on the central island and on the northern island, as there are no urchin spots to the south. Also, a price drop in urchins will be in your favor, as you can only import it from the Oceanid cities.

Aphrodite’s quest will require Bellerophon’s assistance. His requirements include:

  • 15 horses
  • Excellent tax coverage
  • 10000 in the treasury
  • 24 ingots of orichalc
  • 24 amphorae of wine.

If you’re having trouble finding room for 3 Horse Ranches, two should fit on the southern island, the third will fit nicely right in the center of the first urchin island.

Import or request wheat and orichalc as you need to fulfill the requirements for Bellerophon. Remember that you need to find a place for your palace to collect taxes!

» Episode 3: Help from Above


  • Sanctuary to Demeter
  • Sanctuary to Athena
  • Sanctuary to Dionysus
  • 48 slabs of marble for colony
  • 20 jugs of olive oil for colony

Hints & Tips
If you completed the Pillar of Atlas in the first episode, you’re ahead of the game in this episode. If not, do that first! Atlas will eagerly assist you when you’re short on materials, and you will find his assistance most beneficial in this episode as he enables extra artisans to help you with your sites.

The focus of this episode is actually to expand your city. In order to do so, you need more food, more oil, more money, more everything!

Sanctuary placement will have a direct impact on their respective effectiveness: The land around Demeter’s will become fertile so give it some space for Wheat Farms around it, and make sure to plan your roads around the sanctuary to ‘encourage’ her to bless as many as possible. Food production is critical in this time of expansion. Make sure you have enough granaries to store the annual harvest.

If you build your olive industry near the original southern meadowland on a spur as originally suggested in episode one, place Athena’s sanctuary at the end of it. She will quickly respond by regularly blessing your Olive Presses upon completion of the sanctuary. You’ll have more than enough olive oil for you city, and the rest can be exported to Palanque in exchange for buying wood. Palanque may give you wood, but you’ll need a lot more to complete all these sanctuaries.

Dionysus’ sanctuary location is not as critical, but plan ahead: You may not need Elite housing yet, but balance the sanctuary’s placement between the Piers to export wine, and the location where you plan on setting up your elite neighborhoods.

With exports of oil, marble, orichalc, sculpture, armor, wine, and possibly wheat and grapes, you can quickly establish yourself as a trade mogul on the Atlantean isles and beyond. A price increase in marble will work in your favor. Hey, that’s what’s being a colonial power is all about!

Diapraea and Azium continue to try to outdo each other with their military build up. Hmmm, wondering what those twins are up to? Well, no matter, as long as they’re buying weapons and other goods from you!

Meeting your ‘set aside’ goals should be no problem at this point of your city’s expansion. If you started your first neighborhoods in the southeast, just keep building to the north.

It’s time to establish another colony. Cuello will be discussed next.

» Episode 4: The Glory of Pyramids (Cuello Colony)


  • Small Monument to the Sky
  • Monument to the Sky
  • Grand Monument to the Sky

Hints & Tips
This area is expansive, but the only requirements you have for this colony is to build 3 pyramids for the Mayans. By planning ahead, you can make this episode very easy. The story line warns of Ares in this land. Ares’ attacks manifest themselves in two forms: He will invade personally, with his armies, or he’ll send his dragon to pester you.

Like many of his cousins, this dragon loves shiny metal, and silver is all along the east bank of the river. Fortunately, when he does invade, the dragon will stay towards the south. If you need cash at this point of the adventure, you’ll want to keep your mints towards the north. Your best bet will be to establish them on the west bank, and build a bridge across the northern section of the river for your miners. Leave the dragon alone, and he’ll do the same. If you want to make this episode longer, or more enjoyable, try summoning Jason to defeat the dragon. This will considerably extend your time in Cuello, while you establish elite housing and Frigate Wharves to fulfill the requirements:

  • 3 Frigates
  • 2 Charioteer companies
  • 64 Crates of Food
  • 8 Horses
  • 16 Amphorae of wine

Although you may be tempted to build Atlas’ sanctuary first to help your pyramid construction, instead, insure against Ares’ personal attacks by quickly building Aphrodite’s Haven. She’ll keep Ares at bay and let you finish your work here. You’ll get more than enough marble from Autoch to get started.

Your best luck in urban planning here is simple: build your neighborhoods on the west bank of the river, close to the northern meadows. A steady supply of native fleece and oranges, along with imports from nearby Piers will keep your citizens happy. Nearly all goods can be imported or exported, and in the spirit of this colonial adventure, money is yours to be made if you capitalize on local resources: sell off extra black marble and wood. Again, your best cash supply is from continuing to sell sculpture and armor made from imported bronze.

Black marble located in the center of the play area should guide you to build a road southwest from your city center. That big open space between these two areas along the road is perfect for big pyramids.

Once your sanctuary to Aphrodite is complete, build your pyramids. They will require only black marble, so don’t worry about importing regular marble, save for any other sanctuaries you decide to build.

During the episode, you’ll find two new neighbors, Chacaal and Tezcu. Chacaal is a great trading partner if you’re low on food, or want to unload some sculpture. Tezcu would rather help out Ares with his harassment and attacks. Your best shot at keeping them at bay is your colonial power (read: “cash”). Pay them off while you continue building your amazing pyramids, which are sure to impress the hostile Mayans and help you convince them to cease the senseless attacks.

» Episode 5: The Grand Collection


  • Argent Maize Quest
  • Museum Atlantika
  • Yearly Profit of 6000
  • 48 slabs of marble for colony
  • 20 jugs of olive oil for colony

Hints & Tips
Azium and Diapraea continue their military build up. This is a big clue: start doing the same. The Youngest Twins may soon start causing problems of their own, and you’ll need something to do whilst constructing your new pyramid: the Museum Atlantika.

Begin establishing your own military presence: start building up elite estates and Frigate Wharves. Make sure your wharves get orichalc for that extra fiery punch. The small islands off the southern coast make an excellent naval yard.

Soon, Demeter will request you send Jason to get the Argent Maize. Jason requires:

  • 3 Frigates
  • 2 Charioteer companies
  • 64 Crates of Food
  • 8 Horses
  • 16 Amphorae of wine

Between Tikal and Diapraea, you will have plenty of black marble supply for your pyramid. If not, Atlas will come and help you out.

By this time you should have a strong exchange of imports and exports. Balancing these properly will insure both a steady stream of income and happy citizens. You should be importing wheat (to supplement your limited supply and to feed your horses), wood (for frigates, chariots, and the pyramid), bronze, fleece, and black marble (for the pyramid). You should be exporting marble, orichalc, sculpture, olive oil, wine, and armor (once you’ve got all you need for your armies).

Once more, you must leave the comfort of your parent city and found another colony. Ianira is discussed below.

» Episode 6: Land Stained Red (Ianira Colony)


  • Protect city from Echidna
  • Produce 64 ingots of orichalc in one year

Hints & Tips
All you need to do is get some orichalc and slay Echidna! Sounds easy enough. Ironically, once Echidna appears, you’ll realize she likes to hang out in the one and only entrance to the huge fields of orichalc. Simply put: focus on Echidna first, then the orichalc goal.

Import and export to reach Bellerophon’s goals:

  • 15 Horses in the city
  • Excellent citywide tax coverage
  • Treasury of 10000 Drachmas
  • 24 ingots of orichalc
  • 24 amphorae of wine

The northwest coast of the island is an excellent location to set up your trading Piers. Build your residential zones nearby, and set up mining industries a little to the south of your neighborhoods to supply exports. Notice that your four mining resources essentially make a horizontal line across the middle of the island, from left to right: marble, bronze, orichalc, and black marble. Also notice the edge of the largest forest heading southeast. Your best bet is to constrain your building inside these imaginary boundaries. There’s no need to venture outside them, and the land is unstable beyond these areas: avoid building there, especially near the quarries.

Once you’ve summoned Bellerophon and eliminated Echidna, focus on orichalc mining: Build Refineries near the orichalc deposits. You will need 8 to 10 Refineries – more if you built further from the ore deposits. You can also build the Pillar of Atlas near the Refineries to increase production. Remember: it’s the rate at which you can refine the orichalc, measured from January through December, not how much you have stored. Atlantis will pester you for orichalc. It’s always best to aid allies in their needs; it will pay off later.

» Episode 7: The Twin Kingdoms’ War


  • Rule Diapraea
  • Rule Azium
  • Population of 4000
  • Temple of Olympus

Hints & Tips
Diapraea and Azium will immediately become rivals. Their military build up over the adventure has foreshadowed this event. Your military may not be up to snuff, so make sure you have a lot of elite housing. Ten or eleven estates with chariots, and at least three frigates, but more if you can staff them, should suffice to begin your assault, depending on your difficulty level.

Begin construction of the Temple of Olympus immediately. It needs mostly marble, but will also need modest amounts of black marble and wood to be completed. These will need to be imported.

Your population requirement should be easy to achieve, if you have not done so already: the workforce you require to fully staff and run your industries at this point should justify at least 4000 citizens.

Depending on how you’ve treated Atlantis, they may or may not be willing to aid in your attacks against the twins. They are by far the best equipped to help handle the infidels! If they’re not willing to help, you may want to “butter them up” a bit to help you out.

Azium is the more profitable trading partner. If you need to maintain your export income, attack them first to reestablish trade. Another thing to take into account is your fleece needs; you may need to raid or conquer Diapraea first, to you’re your citizens in fleece. Otherwise, these two cities are about equal in combat difficulty. Once you’ve conquered these little troublemakers and complete your pyramid you’re done with the episode and the adventure. Congratulations!