Rich Man’s Blues

By Cherub bobT

Episode 1 Metal Magic

  • Shrine to Hades
  • Population of 1000

This opening episode is rather easy and is customary to all of Impressions great adventure. Start off simply by establishing a small community. You will need to establish trade with Atlantis to get the black marble required to complete the Shrine. As you build your shrine, also get as much trade as you can going for marble. This will help you offset costs that you will incur. I would also suggest you build a wall and tower near the wolves on the right of your map, but keep the tower to the left of the river. You will want to knock off the wolves as much as you can. Food will always be a concern throughout the adventure.

Episode 2 Caribbean Queen

  • Sanctuary to Hades
  • Yearly profit 1000
  • Slay Chimera
  • 16 jugs of olive oil for colony

This episode heats up a bit with the invasions of Demeter and Chimera. Calling upon Bellephron will require you to build up 3 horse ranches. Trade for wheat and keep any existing food supplies handy. You will lose the large area of fertile land to the east of the river on the right side of your map, so plan on lots of goats and olive trees in the small mountain fertile land on the left of your map.

Demeter will invade continually until you complete this episode. Get all of your efforts focused on building Hades sanctuary right from the start of the episode. Make sure you watch for the requirements of the hero, as the longer you have to wait to summon him, the worse off your city will be. Don’t be afraid of requesting goods from your allies and neighbours. You now also have access to wine for trade and will need to take advantage of that early on in the episode. Do not wait until the Chimera attacks to put together the needed requirements.

Colony 1 Doto Almost Paradise

This colony episode will give you a chance to gather up some much needed Drachma for later in the adventure. The goals are fairly straight forward and planning is the simple key. Once you have everything needed to summon Odysseus just let him sit around town until you are satisfied with the amount of Drachma collected. You will have no problem spending it later on.

Episode 4 Cant get no Satisfaction

  • Sanctuary to Hades
  • Major Shrine to Aphrodite
  • Quest from Aphrodite
  • Yearly Profit 2800

Heading home from your colony, your first and most important task will be to get a sanctuary built to Aphrodite. She will defend your city against the raids of Ares and he will visit on a regular basis in this episode. As things move along, you will have to keep a very close eye on your food supply. Trade, gift, and do what ever is necessary to keep the food supplies up. Demeter will continue to visit your city as well, and the best coarse of action with her at this time will be to follow her around, replacing any buildings she may destroy. Once Aphrodite is completed, then move on to the major shrine. Again, trade and gifts will be the key to moving along at a good pace. The longer you dwell in the episode, the more God invasions you will deal with.

Episode 5 Why cant we be Friends

  • Sanctuary to Hades
  • Sanctuary to Hera
  • Slay the Dragon
  • Profit of 3800 Dr

This is the boiling point. Since you have a sanctuary to Hades, you will be fairly safe from Athenas invasions. So, the key here is to get the sanctuary to Hera up and running as quickly as possible. Both Zeus and Athena will terrorize your city on a regular basis in this episode. Without Hera, you will be in trouble. Additionally, Ares will visit, but if you have the Aphrodite sanctuary completed, you will be safe. Ares will also drop off the dragon in this episode. The dragon will appear on the small parcel of land holding orichalc. If you delete any bridges you may have going over to that area of land, you will trap the dragon. From there, you have a chance to gather up the needs for your hero, without having to deal with the dragon and its damage. Check over your trading partners, as they will change often in the whole adventure. Delete any trade posts you may have that are no longer functioning. Free up labour and build a small fleet of ships for the hero.

Episode 6 One Thing Leads to Another

  • Slay Cyclops
  • Sanctuary to Hades
  • Pyramid to the Pantheon
  • Treasury of 65000 Dr

This is the toughest of all episodes and the final challenge. The key once again, is make sure all of your sanctuaries are in fully working order. You will need each of them to provide the protection and also supplies needed to finish the adventure. If you haven’t done so, make sure your God of wine is around as well. He will be needed to fulfill goals. You will be invaded by all of the Gods in this episode. At times it may seem over powering, but if you have all the sanctuaries needed, you should get through the God issues fairly easily. One thing you should do here, is request Drachma from all of your friends. Gain as much financial strength as possible. Battles to come may require bribes just to survive. Let the Pantheon get built slowly. You will not be in any major hurry. Two times you will be invaded by Monsters. The Cyclops should be fairly easy to deal with if you make sure you have all needed supplies prior to his arrival. This way you can summon the Hero and wait. The dragon will once again visit you, and again trapping him is the safest method of dealing with him.

Once you are done, wipe the sweat off your brow and thank Impressions for another nail biter.