Gustavia’s Gazette: Atlantis Reborn


Now, a Quest and a Sanctury to build. I hadnt built any of them, except the little pyramid that was required last episode. If you have been saving your tribute marble, the Atlas Sanctuary goes pretty fast. Of course, you can chop wood, but the Sculpture takes that expensive imported bronze. Carthage’s bronze tribute is helpful, dont get them mad at you.

Send the frigate’s crews home and get busy. You can make money in this episode, and you will need it for those colonies. You know from experience how expensive colony building can be.

Memphis gets all huffy and makes noise and eventually stops trading. That was your source of wheat for the hungry horses and half your olive supply. Tyre will now buy sculpture and that can be very lucrative at 750 drachmae a pop.

The Quest involves our old friend Hercules. He is going to want excellent Science and .. get this, a hippodrome. It is fun to build, run a road down to it and the trainer will go pick up the horses.. that is, if you have any wheat to feed them.

There are various requests and trading changes. I dont want to spoil the surprises. But whatever it is you really, really need.. will be unavailable or in short supply.

When you attack Argos, dont forget to send Hercules with you. He likes that sort of thing.

First Colony Thera

You did bring a lot of money, didnt you? Here you get to build 3 more frigates, and you know how expensive they are. And this time, you have no wood. You can raise sheep and cattle, hunt antelope, quarry white marble (which no one really wants) and make oil (no olives), wine (no vineyards) and sculpture and armor (no bronze). Hell of a deal.

So I asked for some food and then watched my new Greek friends all desert me one by one. And I had been so nice to them. Again, the shore line is limited (what is it with Atlantis? didnt they have any straight shorelines anywhere on that continent?) So, I just decided not to trade in this episode, just barter for everything I needed. Umm.. except for a fair amount of raiding I did. No one friendly will sell the bronze and you just have to have some.

ooops.. big disaster there. Hope it didnt spoil your plans too much. Oh, and you get invaded a bunch of times. You can fight them if you want, but you know me. I bribe.

More raiding and begging, paying with fleece and whatever you can find. Each Elite house will only hold 2 spearmen unless they get wine, so there is another challenge for you. I tried to hurry and get mine all done before I had to start feeding them. Food is a bit scarce here, too. I didnt have enough labor to build cattle farms, I just fed them the minimum. Ares Sanctuary is really pretty. You get to see it again, later back in Cleitos.

Cleitos-5th episode

Another quest, another new pyramid.. this one called the “Monument to the Sky”. And Ares Sanctuary (told you). I got all confused and built Artemis instead. So, I was in this episode for a while.

All those folks that deserted you in the colony are still not speaking. You have no wheat, for one thing, and most of the other trade goods are changed. If they are still trading, they arent buying what they used to. Build a dock to Thera, at least you can count on your colony. You might do some rearranging, but I was mad, so I fired up the frigrates and started getting those deserters back. Even if you arent actively trading with them, you get the tributes and can ask for things.

I had my housing goals early, and called this new Heroine, Atalanta. She is just as picky as the rest of them, wanting Artemis, which I had, and 32 meat among other things. Plant more oranges, and pray to Artemis. I had to stockpile the meat to keep those priests from getting it until I had enough. With a larger population, food becomes a problem.

The Ares Sanctury goes fast, all of them do once Atlas is doing his helpful tricks.