Gustavia’s Gazette: Atlantis Reborn

Malaca-2nd colony

This one wants 64 each of wheat, fleece and wine. You can produce all of them, so I did it like a speed event and got out of there. There are some requests and .. invasions.

Before you can get started good, this Harpy thing shows up. I just stayed away from that area and ignored it. It zapped the escaping emmigrants when my houses devolved from the water carrier going the same way 47 times in a row, but it did no real damage.

Cleitos-7th episode

Back home again. You have to rule a lot of cities, some of them you might have conquered earlier. The Shrine to Poseidon needs white marble (you get a lot in tribute), black marble (you can produce) and some orchalic and a statue or two.

Several requests for troops, they will come while you have yours off conquering someone else. Expand the Elites, and you might even have to build some more townhouses. The trading partners change quicker than you can imagine, it is a lot to keep up with. And there are some big surprises. Dont get discouraged, all things are recoverable. Just take a deep breath, put it on pause and work your way out of these .. new challenges.

Cleitos-8th and final episode

Your city is looking very grand now, but you arent done yet. The Temple to Olympus must be built, two more cities to conquer and a Quest. This time you get to call Jason. He wants 3 frigates and lots of chariot companies and horses, among other things. That will keep you busy for a while.

The surprise in this one is familiar, yet totally different. You can do it, I know you can. And dont forget to send the mythical warriors and Jason with your troops when you conquer Myceane.