Mouse’s View: Atlantis Reborn

Clietos 1

This is a tricky mission with not much in start up funds. Build your orange groves on the island with the black marble and build a dock to import grapes and export wine. There will be a number of gifts of marble, which will come in handy. You will also be able to export both black marble and wood. Build a sanctuary to Atlas on that island and if you manage the space well you can build all the sanctuaries that will be needed through the adventure right there. You’ll have to start a military block to meet mission requirements. You’ll have import both oil and fleece. Make sure to tax you folks. You’ll have to import bronze both for statues and armor.

Clietos 2

Import olives to make your own oil. Upgrade your military with chariots. Build a sanctuary to Poseidon he’ll help feed for your people. Do as much trading as you can since money is always important to success.

Clietos 3

If you did what you needed to do in the earlier missions all you’ll have to do is conquer Argos and fill a quest.

Malaca 1st colony

Beware of the lake in the middle of them map for the Harpy lurks there. Don’t worry about her if you stay out of her patrol range. There will be a number of gifts but you won’t need most of them. There will be requests fill them and head for the mission goals quickly. There will be invasions but bribe them to leave. Feed your folks and give them fleece and science that way you’ll only need one housing block.

Clietos 3

You’ll need to help Malaca with troops a number of times. There will be many gifts and few requests. Build a grainary for meat away from housing since you’ll need the donated meat to summon Atalanta.

Thera colony 2

Much to do in a small space. Invasions bribe to get them to leave. Lava will flow 3 times very close together close to the marble area. Once you get your elite housing up raid for what you need since you’ll have to get rid of your docks to build warship wharves. There will be some gifts and you can ask Clietos for some armor to start out. The other cities like you and you can ask for food since hunting will play out. You will have to build a sanctuary to Ares so leave room for that. It’s a tight fit but you can get a decent elite block and two housing blocks.

Clietos 4

You should have already met housing goals and elite housing goals. Tidal wave if you had anything on the island it’s gone. Another flood and you’ve lost most trading docks and maybe warship wharves. Make sure you rebuild the bridge that the last tidal wave washes away. But now the whole area is open for trading docks. If you were growing oranges on the mainland they are gone. But you can fish for more urchins and with Poseidon’s blessings you’ll be able to feed your folks. You’ll have to summon Jason but should have all you need to do that right away.

It’s over and once more you are successful :).