Mouse’s View: Birth of Atlantis

These adventures are going to be full of monsters and Gods.

Atlantis 1

This is the time to pause the game and look over the map carefully you’ll notice that there is a mainland the place to start your city. The two circular islands will come into play in later adventures as will the scrap of land at the far left with the marble and other resources. For now it’s enough to know a monster will appear there and can’t bother you while you get started.

Food is not going to be a problem nor will any other resources for building your city up or for trade. Layout your first housing block near the farmland. Setup an industry block near the rocks leaving room for a dock. No trading partners to start but there will be one shortly after you startup. The object with both Zeus and Poseidon is to make money to carry you through those missions where making money is difficult. Sell both meat and orichalc to Gades. They will give you gifts of black marble and regular marble with a request for olive oil. Meeting the mission requirements is very easy.

Atlantis 2

Start collecting taxes.

Monster he will show up on that scrap of map by the marble. Make wine and get all the requirements to summon your hero ready. When you have everything ready wait until Hera attacks then build city hall with hero’s hall complete with walls. Summon your hero right away. If you don’t Hera will attack and wreak the walls repeatedly. Start making amour, and oil to prepare for your military housing that will come later. Lay the foundation for elite housing on the middle island. Use warehouses getting supplies for the military housing block.

Build Aphrodite’s Haven – she’ll come in handy. Keep a grainary full of meat and a storage yard full of wood you’ll need it for the next mission. If you want a challenge build a hippodrome on the center circular island. You should have plenty of money from taxes and trade.

Build bridges to the islands and the piece of the map where the marble is located. You can set up some trading posts where you can sell oranges grown right next to the trading post. You can also build a trade center for black marble and wood.

Atlantis 3

A quest you will need to build a sanctuary to Artemis. Atalanta will need the meat, wood and a working museum. The only thing else to do in this mission is to make money through taxes and trade. Build your military housing now you’ll need it in your next mission.

Atlantis 4

This is basically a military mission with 3 cities to conquer there maybe some rescue missions to other cities trading partners. Suggested number of elite houses 21 with horse support and chariot support.