Mouse’s View: Birth of Atlantis

Atlantis 5

An easy mission with 2 quests to complete. You should have everything you need to summon both heroes.

Now is the time to choose colony – I will report on my choice.


This mission can be a bit tricky plan your housing carefully, since there’s not really much room.

Sphinx is across the water and can’t get to you. Bronze is on the mainland, which you can use to fill mission requirements and make statues to build the sanctuary to Artemis. You will need the sanctuary to summon Atalanta. You should have enough money so that importing what you need to complete this mission should be no problem. Once the monster is dead you can then build a bridge to get the orichalc that you need to complete the mission.

Atlantis 5

Now get rid of all your elite housing with all the support buildings. You might want to build another housing block but not on the center island. Put Poseidon’s sanctuary on the middle island. There will be some requests to fill but you should have enough supplies for that.

Evenestus 2nd colony

Don’t bother to use oranges and hunting to feed your people. Trading partners will come on their own. The main thing is to build the elite housing to meet mission requirements.

Atlantis 6

If you don’t have 5k folks you might need to build another small housing block.