Mouse’s View: Enlightenment in the West

Parent city Autoch 1

Put your first block near the farmland that is behind the rocks. Don’t use all of this scrap of land for farms, as you’ll need to grow olives. Don’t rush through this mission use it to make money. You will get gifts of wine and have requests for orichalc. Trade marble and orichalc, buy fleece and wood this will make money.

Personally I built a sanctuary to Atlas, you’ll need his help through out the adventure.

Colony selection is a personal choice as to order.

Copan 1st colony

Going to have a bit of trouble in this mission, monsters, invading gods and lava. Don’t build your housing near the water because Hephaestus will invade there. He’ll be less of a problem there. Make and sell statues for a nice profit while building the required monument. Hunting will feed your people very well once you summon your hero to kill the boar.

Autoch 2

3 sanctuaries if you built Atlas’s sanctuary in the first mission, he’ll help build them. One will increase your food production, another will give you more olives and the third will give you grapes and wine. Start your military housing block and import bronze from Copan for armor. Lay out the military housing block and start-gathering supplies so that once you place housing everything will be in place.

Cuello 2 colony

Build your housing near the farmland; oranges will be enough to feed your people. Make fleece and import oil, export statues using imported bronze. There will be a number of attacks by other cities I usually bribe them and use the monuments to improve my cities. This mission has Ares invading and tearing things up, build Atlas sanctuary and he’ll fight Ares. Ares troops will target Atlas sanctuary and your city hall. Keep marble and statues handy for repairs. You can produce black marble and wood, which you can use for gifts to get orichalc. You need to build 3 pyramids and Atlas will help with those.

Autoch 3

Build all your military housing, you’ll need it but not in this mission. Make some money for the next colony.

Biminis colony 3

This is a tricky one, as you have to squeeze 2000 folks into little space. Use the mainland for housing and both islands. The center island and the far island make good fishing to feed your people. Don’t look for away to use a standard housing block. Take care of the quest before building the sanctuary. The reason for this is you’ll need room for horse ranches necessary to summon the hero. Make wine, as it will be needed too for the hero. Import oil, fleece, wheat for the horses and 6 statues needed for the sanctuary.

Autoch 4

Ok now we go to war, should be pretty easy since your military should be ready.

Ok this adventure is over hope you had fun :).