Mouse’s View: Life in the Mediterranean

Lixus 1

The monster appears right at the start but not a problem. You will need two heroes’ halls to complete this mission. This is a small map so you will have to use space carefully. There are a number of requests starting early in the mission. Request for food Oct 2200, request for fleece May 2199, request for oil August 2198, and request for marble Dec 2196 all these requests have fairly short time frames.

Summon Hercules first since you need a hippodrome. Once he’s arrived get rid of the hippodrome but don’t let him perform his quest since that will loose the monster.

To summon Odysseus you’ll need 8 elite houses but not armor just the 8 houses with food. He’ll kill the monster. Now is the time to make a bit of money then you can let Hercules perform his mission.

Lixus 2

If you used the island you’ll have to rebuild the bridge since once the straight is open the bridge will be gone:). Build up your military and export everything you can to make money. Build a sanctuary to Atlas you’ll need him later, again continue to make money the more you have when going into a colony the better.

Saqqara 1st colony

There is a monster but if you build away from the lake it won’t be a problem. Build a sanctuary to Atlas so he can help you build the pyramids at a lower cost. There will be some tidal waves most of which will miss you. Sell black marble and wood to recover some of your costs.

Lixus 3

Times are tough you lose trading partners. Once you’ve built Ares sanctuary and the warships your ready to take Carthage.

Syracuse colony 2

Another monster you can ignore. Stay away from his patrol area there is another source of bronze. Sell statues and import food. Use 2 housing blocks and the military block. You can make a nice bit of money.

Lixus 4

Trading partners continue to fade but you can still make money from taxes. This adventure is finished :).