Mouse’s View: Proteus and Bellerophon

This is a pretty easy adventure overall with plenty of room for city building. Nice map with plenty of food and most everything else you’ll need to build a great city.

Lycia 1

This is a Greek adventure so none of the Poseidon science buildings. The best place to start your city is near the entrance to the map with the farms then housing. To me the best place for the grapes, olives, sheep and land-based trade is the far left farmland. Request for help with a monster September 1049 but you won’t be able to help since you have no hero to send.

Sell olives to land-based traders and meat to sea-based trader. Build your olive oil and wine production near the housing block with warehouses getting olives and grapes. Import bronze for weapons from the land-based trader and make weapons right by the trading post. Build your elite housing close to the area where your making weapons.

Lycia 2

One request for troops to fight a monster but since you have no hero you can’t help. You can add horses and horse vendors to upgrade your military. You will have to conquer 3 cities to complete this mission. Make money since money is useful at all times.

Heraeum colony 1

Don’t build your housing on the mainland. You will receive gifts of grapes but import food and hunt. Don’t bother to build elite housing but mine bronze because you will need to make statues since you will have to build 3 sanctuaries. Put you marble quarries just behind the hills by the marble. Medusa is released on the mainland she will turn folks to stone so you want to keep folks as far away as possible :). There will be lots of gifts some of which you won’t need trade is good and you can make money.

Request for military help from Tiryns July 1029 don’t even try to meet that request. You have build two sanctuaries to summon Perseus. Put Hermes’s sanctuary near the marble since it’s a small one. You can choose to build Hera’s sanctuary first because it will help with food production but I built it last after the monster was killed.

Lycia 3

Build a sanctuary to Hermes. Tidal wave will wipe out two docks just rebuild them.

Lycia 4

Chimera will attack and you will need to summon Bellerophon who requires 24 bronze. You will have to raid to get the bronze since you won’t get enough from import to keep the monster from wreaking things. While waiting to need the hero build a sanctuary to Hera.

Lycia 5

If you’ve done everything right all the missions goals except killing the monster should be met when the mission starts. You’ll have to summon Bellerophon again and be sure you have the necessary 24 bronze.

Lycia 6

A quest, make sure you have the bronze to summon Bellerophon. Request for food August 1011 shouldn’t have any problem meeting that request.

It’s over and wasn’t it fun. Hope you enjoyed it since your going to need to be strong for the next adventure.