Mouse’s View: Two Worlds Collide

Last adventure and pretty tough at that.

Mycenae 1

The first mission is very tough. You’ll get some gifts and some requests but money is a real issue. Build your housing block on the mainland but not down at the most open end. The reason for not building there will become clear later. Don’t feed your folks right away what you need is to produce bronze and armor quickly. Athens will need 6 bronze early November 1900. Almost right away they will also need armor. Use gifts of bronze and armor and ask for money, which you will need for bribes. There will be many attacks during this mission. There will be no trade so begging for money is the only way to get it until you get your housing going and taxes. Give armor to Athens and bronze to Carthage and ask for money. Athens and Carthage. You will have gifts of enough marble and wood to build a sanctuary to Hep his blessings for weapons and bronze will come in handy. Build the sanctuary above the bronze mines. The area around the mines will have room for 3 sanctuaries that you will need during the adventures.

You can build your first elite housing on the island. Resist the temptation to build it on the open area of the mainland. Make oil, wine and fleece for both your regular housing and your elite housing. Taxes will be a major source of income. Use land very carefully since there isn’t much useable safe space.

Mycenae 2

You’ll need to build another elite housing block, build it on the highland across the river. Summon hero for quest and you should have everything you need.

Mycenae 3

Tidal wave and earthquake now you know why you shouldn’t build on that temping piece of land. Another earthquake, landslide and an invasion by Atlas who turns folks to stone. More earthquakes, tidal waves and Poseidon curses your fishing fleet. Be sure to have goats and dairies as back up food source.

A monster and you have to summon another hero. A very tough mission but you can thrive without trade except with Athens. Athens will buy statues and armor if you build the trading post right by the area where your making armor and statues it will be very profitable. You will have to send wheat to a colony but since your raiding for it anyway it shouldn’t be a problem.

Knossos 1st colony

Poseidon is a problem with docks for import but not food since hunting should handle it. Use space carefully; build housing on the island with the marble. Elite housing on mainland. Build a sanctuary on the mainland too.

Mycenae 4

Just a quest and send wheat to a colony. Pretty easy mission. Salamis colony 2 Very tight planning to fit everything in and import food and fleece export what you can. Build Athena’s sanctuary for the oil. Raid to weaken enemies. Can be a long mission to make a bit of money.

Mycenae 5

Quest and meet population goal, which is pretty easy. You’ll have requests for troops send half for each request. Raid for things you might need or for money.

Mycenae 6

A quest and Hector tears up your city, which your hero dithers. Another monster and another hero. Another monster, another hero and Atlas invades really fun isn’t it. Bribes are huge but shouldn’t be any problem. The end :).