RR’s Report: Hercules’s Labors

Part 2

Tiryns 5, Greece, 475BC

Sad to say, war has descended upon us yet again. Mount Pelion, Mount Malea and Cyme have all attacked us during these past 5 years. Thankfully, all invasions were destroyed by our great citizens, and this encouraged Eleusis to donate some weapons to our cause (24, if my sources in the War Ministry are to be believed).

The tributes donated by our burgeoning empire were kept in reserve, ready to begin the construction of Zeus’s Stronghold – this was actually commenced by Mayor Rodentos, who was then forced to leave the city due to a pressing need to find somewhere to produce oil and wine.

Lerna, Greece, 471BC

The place to produce wine was found only a few miles from Tiryns – the leafy area of Lemnos, rich in meadowland and fisheries. I saw fleece being brought in by the boxful from Tiryns – requisitioned rather than purchased, I believe. This place must be pretty profitable, because there were plenty of trade caravans leaving, loaded with oil and fish (and it didn’t half stink).

In our fourth year here, the Hydra showed up, but was quickly dispatched by Hercules,

Tiryns 7, Greece, 467BC

More war, incessant war. As soon as he arrived back from Lerna, Mayor Rodentos ordered an attack on Mount Pelion (which, sad to relate, failed). Cyme attacked us, and we responded by raiding them for 16 much-needed sculpture. An invasion from Hephaestus was beaten off thanks to the diligence of Athena, and Pelion was first softened up by a raid, and then conquered.

The cessation of the armor trade with Eleusis was nothing more than a temporary brake on our ambitions, for now a fine Sanctuary to Zeus stands proudly above our lands. May his glory inspire us to further victories!

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